Worldwide journalist, Gabrielle Alexandra Smith has been in the industry since the age of 21.

She has interviewed big names such as Matthew Knowles, Erika Campbell, Dorien Wilson, Kellitta Smith, and more.

Smith as interviewed at least one person in every state and continent in just 13 days.

Currently, Madame Smith wears a lot of hats such as being the youngest Board Member with The Amy Jacques Garvey Institute, which is a non profit that serves the youth and advocates for social justice.

She is the Chairwoman and Senior Publicist for the Public Relations and Marketing Committee for DC Councilmember, Trayvon White who works close on Capitiol Hill with the The Mayor of Nation’s Capitol

Chairwoman Smith attended kindergarten, elementary, and middle school on Capitol Hill and now currently conducts writing proposals, contracts, and initatives at various Capitol Hill parks.