Just last week, Cardi B made her first big screen performance as she portrayed Diamond in the film, Hustlers (starring Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu). Not only did we see alot of resemblances between her charater Diamon and herself but we just couldn’t help but notice that her skin was absolutely stunning throughout her entire cameo.

In an interview with Refinery29, Cardi B’s makeup artist, Erika La Pearl shared a few of her secrets in order to get Cardi B’s skin poppin’! As always, Cardi put all her trust into her makeup artist and we can honestly see why, I mean she always look bomb, wouldn’t you agree?

La Pearl shares that she first created a bronzey neutral smokey eye so that as taping progressed, she could just add deeper shadows and lashes for those on-stage scenes. When it was time to get the skin glowing, La Pearl shared that they used a lot of body highlight. In order to prep the skin though, Erika shared that she used an affordable moisturizing cream!

She used Pond’s Moisturizing Cream in order to keep Cardi’s skin hydrated but not appear greasy. Once the skin was moisturized she explained that the next step was to use MAC’s Iridescent Power in Golden Bronze.

She explained that our favorite raptress’ skin is already flawless so in order to bring Diamond to life on the big screen, all she needed to use was a little moisturizer and highlighter, that’s it!

I don’t know about you but I’ll be running to the drugstore tonight to pick up this moisturizer so I can shine all throughout fall like my girl, Diamond!