Erin Lopez is setting a new standard for how to discuss, empower, and fortify pediatric coping skills concerning congenital heart defects. As a mother of a congenital heart warrior, she is a passionate advocate for empowering patients and their caregivers to thrive during and beyond chronic medical treatment. Tune in as we get to know this phenomenal woman a little bit better

Tell us a little about you?

I am a Christian believer, wife, and working mom. I love to travel, work out and spend time with my family.

How many businesses do you have? And what are they?

This is a great question! I have a full-time job as a staff manager and I own a wholesale and contracting business. 

What made you want to become an entrepreneur? 

There are times when my creativity and ideas don’t always fit into a traditional corporate environment and schedule.  Entrepreneurship gives me an outlet to express my ideas. I want to do my part to influence the world for good and I have the flexibility and space with entrepreneurship to do so. 

What has been your greatest challenge as an entrepreneur? 

Time management. I have to make it a priority to show up and be present for my family, myself while being a good steward of time and resources. 

Tell us something no one knows about you.

 My absolute favorite guilty pleasure is to binge watch Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing LA!  I have been rocking with Flagg, Altman, and Madison since day 1!  James, David, and Tracy are incredible.  No matter what obstacles and drama they face, they find a way to thrive!

What advice do you have for wives that want to become an Entrepreneur?

Three-part advice, First, prioritize and schedule time to pray, meditate, workout, eat food that is nutrient-rich, and spend time with family… Don’t lose your mental or physical health or your family in the pursuit of your dream.   Second, find a mentor or someone credible to be a sounding board of ideas and decisions. Third nail down a support system. 

What direction do you feel that we as women in business can do to continue to trailblaze for the next generation of women in business? 

Talk openly and honestly about our successes and what steps we took to get there and talk honestly about our failures.  Don’t be ashamed of the setbacks. Setbacks are where innovation thrives.

What exciting project are you working on?

I recently embarked on a dual Ph.D./ Second Masters Program and am very excited to be able to contribute my perspective and my energy into creating new knowledge.  I am also working on the sequel to Warrior Badge and look forward to sharing it. 

What final words do you want to share? 

As Nelson Mandela eloquently stated, “ I never lose, I only win or learn.” Do not let fear or uncertainty stop you if you try and it wasn’t what you expected, then course correct.  If you try and it is what you expected and you succeed, then congratulations winner!

All images provided by Erin Lopez