Our guide to the latest health store craze

We’re not telling you to ditch the drugstore but recent health trends have taken a new direction providing all natural remedies in the form of essential oils. However we all need a bit more of an explanation and guidance in choosing out the right essential oil for ourselves. Whether it is to soothe an ailment, de-stress after an exhausting day, or set the right ambiance in your home we will walk you through some of the most used oils that are popping up in your local stores or corner shops across your neighborhood.


Lavender can help soothe any mental blockage or mood swings that may be caused by anxious thoughts, trouble concentrating or depression. It’s also a perfect oil-blend for those nights when you have trouble falling asleep.


Frankincense has a warm, soothing effect, which helps ease the mind and achieve a deeper meditation. It has calming abilities that aid with anxiety and depression.

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