Now that we’ve been hit with summer and its dreadful heat (like seriously who asked for this?), us naturalistas have to make sure to keep these carefree curls in check. Around this time of year, we tend to get a little extra ‘hair happy’ — you know what I mean; whenever you get that twist- out juuust right, you’re instantly wanting to let the mane blow in the wind as if we’re Beyoncé sitting in front of those oversized fans.

Although we do love good hair days, we can often slip-up and forget about the well being of our natural hair due to this heat; swimming and sweating more, causing our hair to go from having carefree curls to looking like a throwback Dr. Miracle commercial.. And we do not want that. So with that being said, here are some tips to help you maintain your natural hair this summer!

Protective styles – This may be your go-to this summer. Having your hair done in a way so that it’s not being touched as much and isn’t putting stress to your hair. There are a plethora of protective styles to choose from: whether its box braids, sew-ins and wigs, or even french braiding your own hair and tucking the ends under. Depending on the style and how you maintain it, they can last you for basically the whole summer.

Hats – If you don’t want to go the protective style route but feel yourself starting to get lazy but still want to look put together; try hats. Not only do they protect your hair from the sun and are super comfy, but can even be very cute fashion staples. My go-to hat is my SLAP (Satin Lined Cap) that looks like a super cute beanie and is very versatile. I can wear it out with my friends and even as a head wrap for at night. Here’s the website if you want to check it out: (this part was not sponsored).

Pre – pooing – Applying oil (any type) to your hair and scalp then letting it sit for 30 minutes to an hour, before washing your hair with shampoo is pre-pooing (short for pre-shampoo). By doing this, you’re not allowing the shampoo to strip your hair completely but still getting it clean and have your locks still intact. This can be super beneficial for your hair this summer by helping to keep your hair quenched and curls on fleek.

Seal your ends – Major key! Harsh weather can be crucial to our hair ends, even more so if they’re dry and brittle. Your ends are the older parts of your hair and tend to be drier anyway, therefore it’s best to apply this tip even more during summer. Sealing your ends helps to retain moisture much longer and to prevent split ends. After cleansing your hair, make sure the ends are still damp (not drenching wet) and apply oil. To get the best results, you’d want to use more oil on your ends than you normally would on your hair and to use thicker oils, such as Shea butter or Jamaican black castor oil. Then just twist or braid your hair to the end and you’re all set.

raw shea-butter and black castor oil

Lots of water! This is a no brainer, but with this awful heat, staying hydrated will help your hair thrive like no other. It all starts from the inside — your hair needs water to grow, it’s like taking care of a plant. So drink up!

I hope these tips help you maintain your natural hair this summer! Comment below if you have any tips you’d like to share as well.