The diva mom, entrepreneur mogul and reality TV star is unapologetic about her new life and is living it on her own terms. She dishes to SHEEN about her aha moments, changing for the better and how her son and fiancé have enhanced her life.

Evelyn, it is great to catch up with you. How have you been?
I’m good. Bear with me as I’m driving on these LA streets, you never know what to expect! I don’t drive crazy anymore now that I have a two-year-old (laughing). I drive in the middle lane, so things have changed in life. Children put life and everything in perspective for you.
For the people who don’t know, did you ever dream of being on television or being a celebrity? What were some of your goals in life before the television opportunities came your way?
No, I never imagined doing reality TV or being on television. I was actually going to school to be a nurse. A lot of people do not know this about me and it’s pretty weird because I have a phobia with needles, so I guess that would not have worked out. I also worked for many years with a very known attorney, Kenny Marsalis. He’s an entertainment attorney and I was his assistant for many years. It is very funny how life works because he is now the person that does all my deals.
Well the transition has been very lucrative for you. It looks like it was your calling and destiny.
I will say that my first couple of years of doing reality TV, I did not know what to expect. You just sign on to do the show. I did not know that it was going to become what it became and then life got crazy and things begin to happen. I am just really happy that God gave me another opportunity to do it the right way. I always knew that I was a good person and a great mom and I am just really happy that I get to show the world the real Evelyn and who she is as a person and a mother.

You’ve got a new TV show Living Lozada, a new outlook on life, a hot makeup line and a growing little boy. Talk about how you’re managing all of this.
You know it is actually easier and it’s not that bad. He’s two years old, so he keeps me really busy. Like just talking to you right now, I have to stay in the car because it is hard to have a conversation with him in the house. But we work it out and I do have those moments when I am done filming [and] I just turn off and focus on home and my kids.

You’re no stranger to celebrity stardom. Please talk about how you’ve been able to reinvent yourself personally and professionally. What was your aha moment?
A couple of years ago there was so much negative press surrounding me and my relationship at the time. I just really felt like life took a turn and I was in a place where I was not very happy. I then decided not to do Basketball Wives again and focus on my personal life and this was before I had my son. I took two years off and it was the best thing that I’ve ever done. It really helped me reprogram my thought process and what I wanted to do.

Do you think people are accepting of the new Evelyn?
You know for the most part, I feel like most of my fans and followers that have supported me are very happy. I get so many positive messages, [but] I will not lie; from time to time I do receive tweets from people who are asking to know where the old Evelyn is. [I] have to tell people who want you to be angry and crazy that I’m not that person. I have a son and I want him to look up to me. My whole perspective on everything has really shifted.

I follow your tweets and you’re vocal about the high energy your son has. What’s the best part about motherhood?
I feel like even with Shanice and you add Leo to it, my kids are my everything. I do what I do because of them. It’s just great being a mom the second time around. They give me purpose. I would not change it. And yes I have those moments where it is not easy. I had Shanice at 17 years old and Leo later in life. Sometimes it’s a little tiring but I would not change it for the world. Both of them fulfill my life fully. I’m always at a zoo or a little park. I love it.

Family is everything to you. How do you keep certain parts of you private in a world that demands they should know everything about you?

I am very private, especially about my relationship. I do not post it. If my fiancé and I are going through something, I am not going to tweet about it. It is no one’s business. My family life is very personal to me and I share what I want to share and that’s how I keep people out of my business. And that’s what I like. Sometimes people will ask me if I am still in a relationship because they haven’t seen me post a picture. Well I don’t need to post a picture to prove anything to anyone.

What’s the greatest lesson your mom taught you that you now teach your children?

Oh gosh. I think that one of the things my mom taught me, and my sister and I will probably agree is that my mom is a very, very strong woman. Like she is not a pushover ever. So that is one of the things that have helped me through life, to be strong and to stand my ground.

Do the comments of the public really get to you?
Not anymore. It used to really get under my skin a few years ago, but honestly not anymore. Especially with social media and bloggers, everyone doesn’t get it right and you have to expect that. It’s part of the world that we live in. I can’t argue, fight with and correct everyone. It is what it is. It comes with the territory and you have to accept that. They have said things about me, my children and my family. You have to have really thick skin.

What have you learned about Evelyn since being in your present relationship? How do you think this love has made you better?
This relationship has definitely made me better. One of the things I am doing differently is that we communicate about everything and I think that’s why this relationship is healthy. I said the other day that I’ve not had a full-blown argument in like a few years. I just choose not to. I talk about it and that just comes with being mature. I appreciate and value my relationship with my fiancé. We respect each other and that’s something that I did not have in my previous relationships. We respect each other and that’s important.

What new projects are you working on?

As far as the makeup line, I am totally and fully revamping everything from the name to the entire line. I want my line to be more custom to what I like. So that is what I’m working on right now and I am really excited about people seeing the final product. My book, which is part two to the Inner Circle, is also complete so we’re working on that process, and there are all new episodes of Living Lozada set to air May 7th on OWN.

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