2019 Epi Conference granted the pathway that many didn’t notice was right in front of you! Opening your eyes to see and win on every level possible!

Epi Conference 2019

You will learn quickly to always expect the unexpected when it comes to attending the Epi Conference and this 2019 year was no different.  The location and intimate setting was perfect, which allowed every speaker, attendees, and guest the feeling of comfort and security to let their hair and be themselves. Mrs. Ebony Porter-Ike stated, she desired to provide an environment where the guest receives something meaningful and motivating, not to just entertain and leave the same way they entered. 

The 3-day conference included, but not limited to Stormy Wellington, Sassy Jones, Sr. Pastor of NewBirth Dr. Jamal Bryant, Dr. Myla Bennett, Dr. Avis Jones-Deweever and so many more. Each bringing a unique likeness to the table that would, in turn, be a benefit that you never would have imagined that you would need at that given time or in the immediate future. Per Mrs. Porter-Ike, “My goal is that each of the sessions ignites a fire within you that will burn well after the conference. You should be making connections that will elevate your business to new heights between now and next year. Our intention is that you and your business will SURGE in 2019.”

Stormy Wellington, shared how to move forward with a Power Launch and the importance of being your own supporters and giving thanks at all times by just saying “YES” and believing you will “W.I.N.” As Pastor Byrant shared the true significance and how to Trust Yourself. With a blessed filled testimony that you can only describe as a message that was needed and destined to come through. 

Aligning yourself in both the business and personal sides of life and never stopping due to fear, self-doubt or because others cannot see what has been set forth for you, which is why the Epi Conference 2019 is and was truly something that is appreciated and needed consistently.  


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