On the first day of Style Fashion Week New York, designers such as Romeo + Juliet Couture, David Tupaz, Richard Hallmarq, Bahmardi, Shay Kawaii and Adrian Alicia showcased their SS’19 designs at the Manhattan Center! Many performances took place at the big show were spotted such as Heather LaRose, Natalya and Naima which were all presented by Vezt Music App. Models were beautified by none other than Davines. Check out photos from Day One below!

David Tupaz 


Shay Kawaii

Day two: Designers, Matte Brand, Sweet Talk Swim, Adriana Sahar, Raul Penarada, Hirun Bangkok, Elle Madi, and Rocky Gathercole showcased their designs from their SS’19 collection. Performances include Chloe Maggs and Leah Kate presented by Vezt Music App. Many celebrities were spotted such as Ming Lee Simmons, Diggy Simmons, WolfTyla, Julz Goddard, Sihoban Bell, and Deborah Cox. Check out the photos from day two below.

Matte Brand

Sweet Talk Swim

Adriana Sahar

Raul Penarada

Hirun Bangkok

Elie Madie

Rocky Gathercole

Day three of Style Fashion Week New York consisted of designers Marco Marco, Funari New York, Ydamys Simo, Emma Altman, BBTC/Love Baby J, Chick, Father Akki, and Smock Me. Each designer showcased their SS’19 collection and a performance by Chloe Maggs was presented by Vezt Music App. Check out the photos from day three below.

Emma Altman

Funari New York

Smock Me



Photos by Mark Gunter
Album photos by Albert Evangelista
© 2018 Albert Evangelista Photography
Featured Image: 
Eva Maria Guggenberger | EMG Photography & Jimmy Ban