Vachy Meraz is a man of many hats! He is the man behind the beautiful designs of Vachy’s Creations, his floral arrangements beloved by many across upstate South Carolina. Meraz is also the owner of Vachy’s Ballroom, an event hall that has quickly caught the attention of people across the entire state. Now, in his newest venture, Vachy Meraz has just debuted his men’s clothing line, Vachy’s Men’s Clothing! Of course, Sheen Magazine was on the scene to witness all the intricate designs from the multi-entrepreneur.

Tonight, Vachy debuted ‘The Alpha Lux Collection Spring/Summer 2019’ on the runway and believe us when we say we couldn’t take our eyes off the fashion runway. The collection contains bold patterns and colors and is truly one of a kind. Each detail is simply breathtaking and stood out in the slam-packed event hall.

From Sheen Magazine, congratulations Vachy and congratulations on your success!

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All images by Apollo Wonex