As I sat in my study, contemplating what I should write about, it occurred to me to focus on the women who have raised and loved me, expressing my appreciation for all their hard work and commitment. With this in mind, I ended up writing this particular piece with my beautiful wife in mind – for all the love, commitment, and perseverance she has displayed along her life’s journey.

Her love is like a sweet song, she comforts the sad yet makes the heart glad. From the sweet smell of her perfume to the way she positions her décor in the bedroom, how she preps and cooks her meals, and navigates those heels while walking down the street – every move she makes reveals her love and grace. A fool she is not, therefore foolishness is not an option.

With her aesthetic pleasures and poetic words, she is remarkable in every aspect of the word. A man with style, integrity, and strong characteristics is what she prefers, for only in such a man does she find a complementary partner.

Her romance is increased by the stability of her finances, and as she dances across the floor her desire for love and harmony proliferates even more.

When it comes to the stress and drama, her choices are limited, for she chooses not to entertain it. She is wise in her thoughts, steady in her ways. She is smart and intelligent, and whenever she senses trouble, she knows how to circumvent or solve the issue at hand. Make no mistake, no one is infallible, and she has experienced struggles and hardships, but it is her wisdom and innate strength that keeps her going.

Her love is evident by the way she cares for herself and household and therefore expects nothing less than the best to ever cross her threshold.

Funny and imaginative with style, every now and again she likes to relax for a while – you know lay up in bed and binge watch her favorite TV shows, go shopping, or maybe even pamper herself whenever she gets the urge.

She is respected, protective, and as loyal as the British Royal Family soldiers. She is Beautiful.


Beautiful faces are they that wear

The light of a pleasant spirit there;

Beautiful hands are they that do

Deeds that are noble, good, and true;

Beautiful feet are they that go

Swiftly to lighten another’s woe.


Feracious in her work; everything she does becomes nostalgic. But let’s not forget, she’s careful about being careless and takes pride in what she does. She is a wise woman who knows how to build her home.



Featured Image: Shutterstock