Nicole Shante is taking the fashion world by storm, with a cutting edge style and refreshing collections; she is one to watch. Nicole took the time to sit with SHEEN Magazine to let us know how she got started and more about her breathtaking collections.
What made you become a designer?
“I know this sounds cliché but I always loved fashion. When I played with my Barbie’s, I pretended they were on the runway. It was always in my heart and when my father passed away in 2009, I decided not to waste anymore time.”
When did you start developing the Nicole Shante line?
“I started forming the brand in 2009 however; I started getting more of an identity of who the ‘Nicole Shante woman’ is, in 2010/2011.”
Who is the ‘Nicole Shante woman?’
“She is a go-getter, fun, smart, confident and loves a luxury lifestyle.”
What inspires your collection?
“My mood inspires me. As women designers, our mood changes all the time. Sometimes we want to be super chic, or tomboy chic, etc.
What is your “go to” look?
“I love a pencil skirt! When I find something that hugs my curves, I feel like I can take over the world.”
What is the inspiration behind the ‘70’s Collection by Nicole Shante?’
“In the 70’s they would fully commit, so if they were wearing red, everything was red; jackets, pants, etc. So I wanted to stay true to color and the basic pieces of the 70’s. So I created a little flare with the bell bottoms, bell sleeves; however I replaced a lot of the polyester they used back then with silk. I wanted to create wearable pieces from the 70’s, while sticking to staple looks.”
What are some the things that people should know about the fashion business?
“Know your brand, stay true to you. You don’t want to lose who are, trying to impress the industry. Work hard, it takes so much time but never give up.”
What are you working on?
“I am working on adding one of kind gowns to my repertoire.”


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