Cinémoi North America held a private screening in Beverly Hills for new series, Extreme Fashionistas. The show showcases how millennial fashion designers are changing the traditions in their communities around the world. French journalist, Lydia Kali has a passion for fashion but not in the way most would think. Instead she travels to places most people do not think of when they think of fashion, these places are often stricken with conflict, deep-rooted traditions and strict religion practices. However, for the young designers influenced by the world around them, they are breaking stereotypical norms in terms of style.

Courtesy of Edith Paris

Kali’s first stop is to Burma, a Buddhism Southeast Asia nation. There, she meets with three fashion designers that are making a name for themselves on the world’s stage and in their non-Western countries. Some of the designers who were trained in the United States, felt a strong need to return to their country and bring change to the traditional styles found in Burma. Steven Oo is the first man in his country to debut a full men’s collection with his company 00:55. This is something that the UC Berkeley graduate takes much pride in. Most of the people in his country wear “sarongs” a cloth that would be considered a long skirt in the U.S.

For Lydia Kali, it is important to explore the fashion trends often ignored by mainstream media. She is more interested in how fashion is changing and developing in places that are just catching up to the times. She also understands that this sometimes means breaking strong traditions in the name of fashion. Extreme Fashionistas has taken her to places like Turkey Botswana, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. With no plans on stopping until all underground fashion portals are explored, Kali is on quite an adventure!

FEATURED IMAGE Courtesy of Cinémoi