When you ask a woman to describe her personal style, she may consider her fashion-sense in terms of likes and dislikes, the type of wardrobe she is drawn to, or even her preference to wear makeup or go without. When Chyna Giselle, CEO of Elektrifyd Goddezz, ponders her own style, she immediately thinks of color—the more the better! She is the definition of a go-getter, who decided to step out and follow her passion like so many women often do, but Chyna Giselle also sought to be daringly different, brazenly bold, and completely electrifying! Her hair company was designed for the busy modern-day woman who loves a unique look without all of the hassle and fuss that comes with spending hours on their hair. For women who like to wear wigs, weaves, extensions or clip-ins, Giselle has taken all of the guess work away and created a one-stop shop where she does everything for you prior to shipping out her gorgeous units and custom colored bundles. Giselle knows all too well how time consuming and anxiety provoking worrying about hair can be. She says, “Every woman deserves to feel beautiful in a stress-free way. If I can lessen the steps it take for them to get their hair exactly the way they want it, I feel rewarded. I used to struggle so much with my hair having to go to two or three people to do different things to it before I was finally ready to say it was done. In creating my company, I decided to put all of those steps into one. They look, they choose, and I deliver.” I had a chance to sit down with the lovely CEO and discuss how she got her start, the various aspects that make her company memorable, and what customers of Elektrifyd Goddezz can expect. 

What sparked your interest in all things related to hair?

I was just a college girl with a dream working on my masters. I have always said that I wanted my own business, but I just hadn’t figured out what exactly I wanted to do yet. So, it started with my mom, because she would always make a comment or have something to say about my hair. For instance, I would always change my hairstyles like every two to three weeks and she would say things like, “You got your hair done again? Didn’t you just get your hair done a few weeks ago? All you do is waste money. You’re never content.” And I’m like, “Oh my gosh, Ma, Stop. Really?” So, I knew at that point, I wanted to do something pertaining to hair, but I still hadn’t figured it out yet. Everyone was telling me, “Oh, you should start your own hair company.” But thinking to myself, I knew I didn’t want to be just another hair company, you know?

What sets you apart from other companies? 

Sometimes, there is a lot that goes into someone getting their hair done. You have to purchase the hair and then depending on the shipping time, it may take a while to actually get the hair. And then, like me, I love color, so it’s like you always have to have someone available to color the hair. It’s like you need person A, person B and person C, because person A may not be available all the time. They may be booked, so you have to just go to person B to color the hair and it was always a process with me and that’s when I realized, I’m not the only one going through this. I’m pretty sure other people are having this same issue. So, I thought, why not start a hair company where I can actually color the hair I am working with and have it delivered to people on time? That way, it’s like a one stop shop and that is exactly what I have. I also just added a new wig line so different wigs are available. You can even customize the wig, so that will be available on the site soon. As far as coloring the hair, you can upload pictures of the colors you want and how you want it done. What also sets me apart is, I know you have the basic styles, like, the body wave, the straight, the curly, but I’ve recently added Ombre. Everyone loves the water-wave, the blond water-wave, and other curly looks. I also carry clip-ins and not all sites carry those. And as usual, my customers can also get their clip-ins customized as well. I also offer a wide variety of 3D and 5D lashes on my site. 

Your company is called Elektrifyd Goddezz? How did you come up with that name?

I’m glad you asked. I already had the Goddezz part down-pat. I wanted to do something different with the word “Goddess.” The word is like God and it reminds me of a beautiful person that everyone admires. My favorite colors are pink and blue. And so, I was having a discussion with a friend one time about the color blue. I was telling them how much I liked a color that was similar to turquoise and then my friend was like, “Nah I think it’s like an electric blue”. So, I went on Google, put in electric blue to see the colors that came up. And then right then and there I was like, wow, electrifying colors! And I like pretty bright, vibrant colors. So, that’s when it hit me, I’m just like an Elektrifyd Goddezz.” You electrify your look. And then me I wanted to be different, so I had to change the spelling of everything!

What do you do at Elektrifyd Goddezz to ensure customer satisfaction with your products?

Well, for one, I want to make sure that everything is affordable and high quality. Once I do the ship out, everything is in perfect condition, because good reviews are always important. You know, it’s like, I don’t want one bad review. In case a customer does have an issue, they can always shoot us an email, give us a call and we’ll just work with them. We also offer discounts on your next purchase as well.

In your opinion, how does hair and hair quality relate to a woman and her self-esteem?

Wow, I’ve definitely had issues with it. Like I said, my mom always said I’m never content. You know when it comes to hair, it definitely depends on the quality because, you know, you buy hair, you get a bad bundle, or you know, it’s frizzy and it’s like, “Oh my gosh, I’m ready to test this out.” You want to make sure you’re on point, you’re looking right at all times. So, quality is definitely a big factor when it comes to hair. There are many things people may be self-conscious about. Maybe it’s not growing as fast or they don’t like the texture. It can be anything, you know, women are moody about everything anyway! So, hair, it’s just another thing, where, if we’re able to change it frequently, that’s a great thing. We can change our hair just like you can change your nails and your makeup and everything else!

How do you describe your own personal style when it comes to your taste in hair and fashion? 

Well, according to my friends they always call me, “extra” because I always do something above and beyond. As far as colors, I’ve always liked colors and it’s okay because people buy shoes to match their outfits, right? I simply do that with my hair, color coordination is my thing! If you look good you feel good.

Tell us where people can go to see more of the Elektrifyd Goddezz hair designs or to purchase products from the website.

You can visit the website at, We also have an Instagram page, so you can follow us on there to keep updated as far as learning about new products or new wigs and that have just been added to the website and things of that sort. 

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