With the recent release of the highly anticipated second season of PRGirl, Farissa Knox, continues to enlighten her audience with by shedding light on the life and journies female publicist in their preceptive industries.

Can you briefly tell us about yourself?

I’m just a girl from the Bronx who figured out who she is and was not afraid to pursue it. I grew up in NY and went to High School and College in Virginia. I majored in communications and advertising. Moving back to NY a couple of years after graduating college, I found myself selling advertising on a national level and loving every second of it. Now I live in Chicago with my husband and two daughters, running my companies and trying to be the best version of myself every day.

Was this always your career chose growing up?

Growing up all I knew was that I wanted to be a powerful, beautiful woman who was respected and one of the best at what she did. Someone to look up to for inspiration. Over my childhood and early adult years that looked like anything from being a teacher or a published poet to an advertising sales executive to now a businesswoman in the communication, marketing, and content creation space. 

As the founder/creator of many projects, do you have a favorite?

No, not really. Everything I have ever made has given me some level of knowledge and experience that lead me to the next thing. They are all equally important! Without that first poem that I wrote as a heartbroken teenager, there might not be any PRGirl today. 

Let’s talk more about your now second season of PR Girls, what made you gravitate to wanting to follow female publicist in their professional and personal journeys?

PR is super sexy because of the type of people who gravitate to the business and do it well. So, when I was contemplating how I would jump into the world of video, specifically for the audience that I love to create for, young creative women, I wanted to make sure it was going to be super engaging and inspiring to them. It was a combination of insights and instincts.  

How did/do you decide and locate the publicist you will be featuring in your series?

I spent lots of time researching PR Firms that have interesting clients and even more interesting people working for them. That’s how I found Alex from this season. Fallon, I had met through our activity during season 1 and Nolita had such an amazing social media presence that I knew I had to get to know her. 

photo courtesy of Alina Tsvor and WRUW Productions

What is it you would like everyone watching PR Girls, to gain from it?

I want the audience to walk away inspired by watching professional young women do their job at a high-level- not once undercutting each other or anyone, actually lifting each other up and being supportive. It’s possible to be entertained and inspired at the same time. Reality show entertainment doesn’t always have to come with being ratchet. 

Being a working mother and wife, what motivates you to get up and continue to make the power moves that you have and are making daily?

My motivation is 100% internally driven to be an inspiration and example to young women of color all over the world of another example of how to be both unapologetically yourself and succeed in this world. 

photo by Donna Neddo

Does it get harder as a mother and having a family and responsibilities outside of the business?

Yes! But now it means I just have more people (who matter even more) looking at me for the answer to what a woman is. 

What’s next for PR Girls the series?

Now that the full season is available on Amazon, I am looking forward to what the rest of the world thinks about these wonderful ladies and what they are doing for their clients and the perception of women, in general. I would love to partner with a platform that sees the benefit of seeing a season 3, 4 and 5 of a show like this.

What’s next for Mrs. Farissa Knox?

I would love to make more shows and move into the documentary movie space- I have ideas for days and look forward to continuing to grow my businesses. 

Where can everyone find out more about Farissa Knox and everything you have going on and PRGirl series?

They can learn about everything I am doing at FarissaKnox.Com and learn more about the ladies on PRGirl on the official website. 

Featured Image by Donna Neddo | all images provided by Dyamond Enterprises