Many of you know Anaya Ivy from YouTube as she has completely captivated many for her amazing sense of style and real personality. The fashion influencer is quickly making a name for herself in the world of fashion so naturally, we had to get an exclusive interview in with the young lady making boss moves! In this interview with SHEEN, Anaya Roderick allowed our readers to get the inside scoop on how the creative busy bee got her start!

Can you tell us about yourself? What inspired you to create your channel? 

My name is Anaya Ivy, I’m an influencer, wardrobe stylist, and a YouTuber.  I like to express myself with my fashion and makeup on my social media platforms. I love styling and doing tutorials on my YouTube channel, I love to have creative control. I started my YouTube channel back when I was making videos on Vine. My followers wanted to see more videos from me outside of Vine, they wanted to see how I did my makeup and talk/give advice.

Do you have a favorite fashion store you’ve shopped from? Why is it your favorite?

I literary shop everywhere, there isn’t a store that I won’t go in and find something cute. But at the moment,t I would have to say Zara and Intertwine Collection. Zara literally has everything down to designer dupes. I can find a cute streetwear look or business look in Zara. Intertwine collections is my go-to place for when I’m looking for something to wear to an event or a red carpet event. Intertwine collection has beautiful pieces.

Sheen Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Modern Day Woman, what is your must-have beauty product?

My must-have beauty product would have to be concealer (laughs). Most of us females have dark circles under our eyes, it could be from lack of sleep, stress, etc. But if you add a little concealer you are good to go, honestly! so its a must-have for me!

What would you say is the most difficult part of being an online influencer in the world of YouTube?

Trying to capture your audience’s attention. There are so many YouTubers that do what I do so I try to be very original and just to remain myself. I think what separates me from most YouTubers is my raw personality. I’m very honest and I don’t have a filter on my youtube. I think my followers can respect that about me.

Could you offer your best advice to those that aspire to create a YouTube channel?

Be original and don’t fall into the traps thinking you have to do pranks, fake couple videos or fake videos for views. A lot of ppl live life for YouTube and its best to live your life for you and what comes naturally to you, document it to your audience. People like when they feel connected to you so don’t be afraid to get personal and honest.

What can we expect to see from Anaya Ivy in the future? 

The future is VERY bright for me. I must say, I have been doing a little bit of modeling which is totally out of my comfort zone. You can see me styling more celebrities, television show opportunities, working with some really cool makeup brands in 2019, and just expanding my brand and working hard. 

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