Ada Oguntodu is a stylist and fashion blogger at She has loved fashion since her early days and because the passion never left she decided to start her blog in 2014.


“Fashion for me is first about fun and not necessarily about breaking the bank.”


“Mix it, match it, play with it, as long as you make it work that’s all that matters really.”


“I like to challenge myself by not always going for the most obvious ensembles.”


“I try to be creative with my outfits which I guess works sometimes and doesn’t other times, but again that’s what makes you who you are.”


“It can be quite challenging for bloggers to keep up with making constant content (even if it never shows) and balancing your concept of style with what the world says fashion should look like, but finding a way regardless of all these is what makes the entire experience even more worth while and rewarding. Styling has been and will always be my happy place”

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