Claire Sulmers is the founder of Fashion Bomb Daily, an author, and a beloved public speaker who’s story is nothing short of inspiring. Since before the internet became what it was, there was Claire Sulmers, hustling and grinding to make her passion for fashion come true! Tune into our exclusive interview with Sheen Magazine as Sulmers discusses building her empire and shares the details on her upcoming book!

Do you mind telling our readers a little about yourself? How did you to get into the world of fashion?

My name is Claire Sulmers and I am the Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Bomb Daily. It is widely known as the number one destination with multi-cultural millennial fashionistas. I got started 13 years ago while working at a magazine. I was a journalist and had a passion for fashion! It just wasn’t being satisfied at my job so I decided to start a blog where I could focus on men and women of color because I did not see them often enough in magazines or red carpets. Because I focused on that niche, we were able to grow quite a bit all through building organic relationships with other websites. Here we are today with over a million followers on Instagram and an overall strong following on all social media.

What inspired you to create Fashion Bomb Daily?

I always had a passion for fashion and writing. At the time when I was first starting my career, my goal was to get work at Vogue or Elle. I just wasn’t making any headway or getting interviews over there so I decided to start a blog just as a hobby and also just as something to do on the side as I quested to work at Vogue. My hobby turned into a business and I created my own fashion magazine. FashionBombDaily’s mission is to be that voice for the voiceless, to represent a very powerful yet typically overlooked demographic. I think what is so nice about FashionBombDaily is that we a nice balance of high end and runway but also a lot of street style, emerging designers, bombshells (bombshell of the day is where we show the style of readers from all over the globe). Our goal is to represent fashion for everyone!


Tell us about your book, ‘The Bomb Life.’ Can you give details on your second book?

I decided to write it over a year ago. I have something called Convos with Claire, it’s a fashion networking event that goes all over the country and all over the world. The question that I was often asked was how I started my blog or how could people start a business out of their blog. I decided to write a book that was more in-depth in my story. Part one is basically a memoir that talks about how I started FashionBombDaily and part two offers tips for those who are looking to break into the fashion industry. The title of the second book is TBD, we’ve been working on it for quite some time but I hope to have it ready to go by this summer.

You’ve accomplished so much in your life, what is next on your list of goals?

We recently started to add some gasoline to the flame of our e-commerce store which is Fashion Bomb Daily Shop, it’s a market place for emerging designers. We understood that we had this great market and customer base so instead of designers coming to us for exposure, we wanted to help them sell with marketing and consistent posting on our platform. Fashion Bomb Daily Shop is something big for us. We’re continuing the conversation through Convos with Claire events and also having bigger events. Lastly, I want to take Fashion Bomb Daily to television. I hope that we will have Fashion Bomb Daily on your small screens very soon!

Do you have any advice for fashion bloggers?

Sure! My advice is to find your passion, find what you can contribute to the industry that is not already being done and do it well! Be persistent and consistent, update every single day. Really put your best foot forward. There are people watching you right now that you may not even know. Be careful about what you put out there into the world! The sky is the limit for you. Social media is so different from when I started, we didn’t have Instagram or Twitter, we only had online, which was great but there are lots of resources that young, aspiring fashion bloggers have at their fingers so use it. What you put in, is what you get out of it so pour as much as you can into your craft.

Where do you hope to see yourself in the years to come?

My goal is to be the millennial Oprah! I always like to tell people that I am a mix of Oprah and Anna Wintour. My goal is to have Fashion Bomb Daily continue to grow, continue to do video content, have events, have an app. We want to be on the level with the big names such as Vogue, Elle, Refinery29 so that is our goal. We want to be in different places whether its television, movies, events, or e-commerce, or online. We just want to have Fashion Bomb Daily be the next big media empire!


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