Canada native, Tania Cascilla is a true fashionista who didn’t plan on being a fashion influencer, it just happened! Her daily fashion inspired posts earned her a large following on social media which led to the success of her fashion and lifestyle blog, Darling Tee. We sat down for an exclusive interview with Tania to discuss the creation of her brand and what she predicts will be trending this upcoming spring season!

Do you mind telling our readers a little bit about yourself? Has fashion always been such a big part of your life?

Well, my Instagram name is Darling Tee, its short for Tania but all my friends call me Tee. I’m originally from Toronto Ontario, Canada and I have been living in New York for over ten years. I moved here to work in fashion. I’ve worked in different areas such as styling, buying, and PR before I became an influencer full-time. So, yes. Fashion has always been a part of my life.

What inspired you to create your fashion and lifestyle brand, Darling Tee?

I can’t stay that I aspired to be a fashion influencer because I would be lying. I’ve always worked in fashion so it kind of happened accidentally. I was always posting fashion inspo’ outfits just for the love of it. I would have a co-worker take my photo, post it, and people would like it. A friend of mine suggested that I get into it but I’m an introvert. This is a very extroverted career. The thought of posting my photos to the public scared me. I took my page off private, posted, and people liked it. Instagram, especially the black community really embraced me. Young girls would message me and ask questions and being a positive role model to younger women of color that are coming up in the game. The representation in the media is not that good of us. That’s another thing, anyway, I can be apart of the change and change people’s pre-conceived notions of black people in general, I knew I wanted to be a part of that.

You have a great following on your social media but is there anything you don’t think your audience would know about you?

They probably wouldn’t know that I’m extremely shy and I get pretty bad anxiety (laughs). I mean, I’m putting myself out there and people may think that it’s natural to me. I love connecting with people but the whole putting yourself out there is what gets me. Also, I’m a sports fan and I play Fantasy Football. Most people are always surprised when I say that (laughs).

Sheen Magazine is The Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Modern Day Woman, do you mind sharing your holy grail products?

I use a foundation called Koh Gen Do, it is a Japanese brand and its sold at higher-end retailers like Barneys and Nordstrom. It’s my go-to, it’s amazing because it is a natural finish and isn’t cakey. Oprah’s makeup artist uses it so you know. If it’s good for Ms. O, then I want in (laughs)!

If you notice in my photos, I always have on a red lip. I feel naked without red lipstick. I need a highlighter for my cheeks, even if I do an everyday look,

I always make sure to highlight my cheeks to give me a little glow. I use NARS Climax Mascara which is amazing, it’s the best mascara ever!

There are two things I can’t live without, I carry them in my purse. One of the products is a Beauty Elixir from Caudalie, I spray that on my face after doing my makeup but its a nice pick me up during the day and it awakens you. Lastly, my Le Labo SANTAL 33 fragrance is my go-to scent. I have it on day in and day out.

What inspires you in the world of fashion? Do you find it difficult keeping up with all the trends in a world that is constantly changing?

I don’t think I have a hard time keeping up with trends because I kind of dress for me. I like to stay up to date with what is fashionable but just because something is trending doesn’t mean I will jump on it. I generally dress for me and what makes me happy, not so much with what everyone else is doing.

With the spring season quickly approaching, what trends do you think we will be seeing a lot of this season?

I know that bold colors are really big for spring like hot pinks and oranges. I see a lot of polka dots as well as blazers. I’ve also been seeing a lot of colored suits!

What goals do you have in terms of your career or where do you hope to see Darling Tee in the years to come?

For my career, I definitely want to relaunch an online boutique. A lot of people don’t know that I did have an online store before social media became a thing. Now that I have this platform, I definitely want to back to that. It will be a Darling Tee boutique coming later this year.

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All images by Marta Skovro | Instagram | Provided by Tania Cascilla