Amina Lewis is an aspiring fashion designer and wardrobe stylist that is quickly making her mark in the world of fashion. Not only has she pitched shoe designs to beloved athletic brand, PUMA but she’s also partaken in competitive fashion mogul challenges, and styled in Phoenix Fashion Week. Lewis’ fashion empire begins with her brand, Mina Nekay. We caught up with Lewis to discuss what makes her pieces stand out amongst it’s competitors and upcoming projects we can look forward to!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a fashion designer, wardrobe stylist, and creative director. I’ve taken the time to master business and fashion design. I get a rush of excitement when I utilize my ability to create. I take the time to master my craft by connecting and engaging with other designers and stylists. I’ve also taken part in competitions and taking up classes and seminars that I’ve come across.

What inspired the creation of Mina Nekay?

Mina Nekay was discovered back in 2018. That was due to me being invited to the well-known shoe brand, PUMA and rapper Big Sean, and other industry professionals. Since then, I took my brand seriously and I’ve been dedicated to it whole-heartedly. After receiving the opportunity and being handpicked, I knew I had a gift and a vision that would leave a mark on the fashion industry.

Mina Nekay was founded to represent power, elegance, and luxury for men and women. The idea behind the logo of Mina Nekay shows two heads that resemble the “yin and yang” symbol. The upright head represents high-end wear for special occasions such as galas, award ceremonies, weddings, prom, etc. The opposing head is for everyday streetwear but with a couture flare. Bringing them both together creates the overall wardrobe of one person for any occasion. It’s a lifestyle not an outfit.

What makes your pieces stand out from its competitors in the fashion world?

My pieces are couture with flare. I like to create wearable art when I’m designing and I utilize my designs and my styling techniques to make a positive impact on an individual to boost their confidence and self-esteem. I also make clothing to create individuals closets whole from everyday to special occasions.

How was your experience taking part in Phoenix Fashion Week?

Working with Phoenix Fashion Week was a blast! I came in as a wardrobe stylist at first and was introduced to many people who shared the same goals as me. It was a place I felt genuinely happy. I also met my mentor there, which was probably one of the best things that could’ve happened for me. I say this because he opened my eyes to so much and educated me on the fashion industry as well.

Are there any upcoming projects you could tell us about?

I have a few things coming up. I plan on debuting my official line in the middle of 2020. I also have a few collaborations on the rise and I launched a podcast and YouTube channel to give advice to other aspiring fashion designers and stylists and to share behind the scenes of things that I do.

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All images by Desmond Daniels