A trend from the past is here to rule our wardrobe.

Let’s flashback a couple of decades – computers were the size of refrigerators, Ronald Raegan was president, and people were making bold fashion choices. The time period’s aesthetic preference for bold attire reflected the zeitgeist of the ‘80s, and if there’s one thing fashion has proven consistently, it’s the industry’s obsession with resurrecting ‘80s trends. One scroll through your Instagram feed – or glance at the runways – and you’ll sense a major fashion flashback. Clearly, the ‘80s still maintain a stronghold on our fashion. This trend of the past has reemerged as the trend of today, and we can’t get enough!

Press Play on Power Suits

During the ‘80s, a sophisticated uniform was paramount for the working woman, and anything less than a power suit was unfathomable, especially when compared to male counterparts. Today, power suiting isn’t just for politicians and the large and in charge, but has been reinterpreted with exciting colorways and prints. They are now worn to work and making a statement outside of the office.

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