The celebrity stylist heat things up with his summer fashion do’s and don’ts.

After overcoming a near-death experience, battling cancer just a few years back, Winnie Stackz realized the true value of life, which allowed him to refocus and chase his dreams. While obtaining his degree in fashion marketing, he began to build a network, working with influencers and celebrities but acknowledges that his family contributed much to his creative juices, especially his parents. Winnie shares with SHEEN his experience working with his very first celebrity client that raised the bar for him in his career, reveals, his fashion do’s and don’ts, and more.

What inspired you to move in the direction of the fashion industry?

I feel like fashion has been a part of me since day one. People loved the way I dressed in elementary and middle school. Even in high school, I was nominated best dressed every year. I would travel to Atlanta, to my godmom’s house, and I would go shopping at Phipps Plaza, because you could get Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc… so, as a young kid, I was exposed to this. I would go back to school and stunt on everybody! (Laughs) There’s a culture called Ball [an LGBTQ+ subculture], and I used to “walk” in fashion categories. I would also walk for a fashion house.


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