The science-friendly company Vitalize Hair is here to rejuvenate your hair

Okay, time for some real talk. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then I’m sure you’ve got someone in your life talking to you about how to live a healthy life. You can’t escape it. Whether your vegan neighbor, that fitness guru who keeps popping up on your IG, or your mom’s insistence that Zumba is the GOAT of all workouts, there’s so much being said to us about how to live a healthy life being presented to us, it can all be a little overwhelming. I get it! It’s important to be healthy…but it’s hard! There are so many things to watch out for…additive hormones, fake news gurus, and harmful chemical processes to name a few…I mean, I used to be able to eat a cheeseburger in peace! But it’s okay, ignorance is by no means bliss, and I’m grateful for all the healthy stuff I’ve been able to garner throughout my brief foray into adulthood. 

But did you know how much your hair is impacted by your health decisions? We all know stress can cause hair loss, but poor nutrition, certain medications, and hormonal changes can be just as impactful. Or what about this…low protein diets can be terrible for keeping your crown pristine. While exercise itself doesn’t technically benefit hair growth, someone who is healthy both physically and mentally is less prone to hair breakage, and since exercise helps you physically and mentally to remain less stressed, well voila. But for those out there who have already experienced hair loss, while it’s always good to remain active and healthy, you may need a little something extra to help your hair reclaim the glorious vigor it once had. 

The recommended route (along with eating healthy and working out) is to use a product or take a supplement, which will help reinvigorate your follicles. And there’s no need to look any further than with Vitalize’s 100% All-Natural Hair System, featuring a line of scientifically formulated products guaranteed to leave hair thicker, fuller, and more beautiful, that all come doctor recommended – a blending of beauty, nature, and science, all rolled into one. 

The brand’s not-so-secret secret is Redensyl, which according to Cosmetics Business is “…a new generation of hair growth activating molecule…designed from the rational analysis of the stem cells function in hair follicles…” Wow. Now that’s a mouthful. And while it may sound confusing, what’s important is that it’s backed by doctors, including Dr. Wendy E. Roberts – who has been everywhere from a speaking at the annual American Society for Dermatologic Surgery conference to the BET Awards and The Real. Likewise Vitalize has a slew of success stories from the likes of MUA’s Mena Adubea and Joss the Boss, to Love & Hip Hop’s Princess Love and Apryl Jones, and has also been featured on Steve Harvey and News One Now.   

Vitalize explains, “For years we have listened to women describe the emotional effects of thinning and damaged hair – inspiring us to create an innovative hair care system that both prevents and addresses hair loss. Our products reflect our core belief that scientific research is the gateway to hair care solutions that deliver high-quality active ingredients that are all-natural and safe for all type of consumers.” 

To achieve thicker, fuller hair, Vitalize offers a variety of products perfect for whichever preference you have: 

Follicle Stem Cell Serum – “A science-driven serum that targets follicle stem cells to enter the growth phase and contains three active ingredients to promote optimal hair health.”

Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil – “A unique blend of oils promotes hair growth while keeping the hair and scalp nourished, hydrated, and healthy.”

Vitamins – “The Multivitamin Hair Gummy and Hair, Skin, & Nail Vitamin tablet, both provide the optimal balance of vitamins, mineral, and nutrients to help support your immune system, body health, hair growth, and hormonal balance.” 

Growth Support Shampoo – “Gently cleanses hair, stimulates blood circulation, and leaves the hair feeling elegant, while retaining color and enhancing hair texture, without causing the hair to frizz.” 

Growth Support Conditioner – “Stimulates hair growth, while preventing hair loss by improving the condition of follicular cells, shortening the fall-out phase, and lengthening the growth phase of the hair cycle.”      

So, if you’ve been feeling down about your crown and are looking for so much more than just regrowth, check out Vitalize Hair and know, “You no longer have to fight hair loss alone!” 

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