Beauty brand, Glossier has been all over our timeline for quite some time now and I’ve come to the realization that they’re just not going anywhere.

While many consumers of the brand love their skin and body products, many on the other hand just couldn’t jump on the wave due to their noticeable lack of complexion range.

Well, that has all changed as of January 29th and I cannot wait to finally jump on the bandwagon! Glossier announced that they have expanded their shade ranges!

The company went from five concealer shades to 12, the finishing powder now offers five shades instead of three, and many of their coverage options have increased as well!

Check out some of the reactions from beauty lovers below!

In addition to that, Glossier launched a Shade Finder tool on their website that will help their customers select their colors. The range of the new tool includes light, medium, deep, and rich. Undertones are even categorized including warm, neutral, and deep.

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Featured Image: Glossier | Instagram