Darius Bradley is the CEO/Founder of Gatekeepers Agency which is an Atlanta-based recruiting agency. With his passion and desire to help others, Bradley created Gatekeepers Agency in hopes of inspiring those begin their careers. Sheen sat down with Bradley to find out just who Darius Bradley is and get the scoop on all the industry has taught him.

Could you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into the music industry?

My name is Darius Bradley, I’m originally from Indiana. I started in the music industry in 2009. I was attending college on a tennis scholarship and once the second year came, I decided to pass on the offer to start my career in the music industry. In 2009, I began interning at Hot97 and I haven’t looked back since.

Could you tell us any key points on G-K Agency?

I started Gatekeepers Agency in 2017. I wanted to help those who first start in the music industry. People always come into the industry not knowing how to get started or how to be consistent. Gatekeepers is looking to hire people and expanding Atlanta and New York City. Gatekeepers is something I started to help other people. I’m basically trailblazing a lane that hasn’t been done.

This offers the chance for assistants to come to our agency so we can handle their day to day and find more opportunities for them. This includes celebrities, athletes, corporate jobs, everyone needs an assistant. We are putting together a panel which will be held in Atlanta where we will have three to four different celebrity assistants who will discuss how artists can get their music heard from a different angle. We want to pitch this to as many conferences as possible.

You’re currently writing a book, could you give us insight on that?

My book basically outlines my career and the music industry. I’m sharing the reality because people typically look over the assistant. I want to be able to provide a platform where people can see inside the position that I consider the real MVP in the industry. They’re often over looked so I will be sharing behind the scene stories, my mistakes, and my experience. People often ask me what happened with Rotimi in 2016 so I will be sharing that as well in my book. I won’t be sharing anything personal, it’s more so about my truth.

Could you describe your experience working with Rotimi?

I worked with Rotimi from 2011 to 2016. I started off as his executive assistant, working alongside his publicist. Things started really taking off in 2014 and I became his personal assistant and road manager. We traveled all across the country and even to London to open up for 50 Cent at the O2 Arena, which was a huge experience for me. I will be sharing more in my book on how things ended.

You’ve spent nine years in the music industry, do you mind telling our readers something the industry has taught you?

One thing I know about the music industry is that you can’t take anything personal. It’s kind of like playing chess. People come and go but you have to keep fighting. One thing that I tell people is that you haven’t been introduced to the industry until you’ve been done dirty multiple times. I say that because it gives you experience. Conflict becomes a part of the game. You can’t obtain success without conflict. You have to be ready for everything if you want to be number one.

Is there anything you wish someone would’ve told you before you started your career?

Good question. Loyalty in the industry is only convenient for the situation that you’re in. Had I know that, I would’ve approached many situations differently.

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