We were first introduced by Jesseca Dupart when we saw her on Megyn Kelly Today last year. We had a chance to get to know the founder of Kaleidoscope Hair Products on the segment as Dupart opened up about all the had to put into building her hair brand. Find out how Jesseca turned her dream into a million-dollar company and one of the main driving factors in the success of her career.

Tell us about yourself, how did you get into the hair industry?

My love for hair started long ago. As a little girl, my dad would let me comb his hair, adding all sorts of colorful barrettes and ribbons, from there the passion got stronger. I later enrolled in high school/cosmetology school and the rest is history.

What inspired you to create Kaleidoscope Hair Products?

As a former hairstylist, I had seen many cases of alopecia. I was inspired to create Kaleidoscope Hair products because not only did I want to help my clients but anyone who has suffered from hair loss. At the time, there were many supplements and shampoos on the market, but nothing quite like Miracle Drops.

What are your favorite products from the brand? Why?

One of my favorite products would have to be the Miracle Drops. The amount of testimonials we receive from the customers is by far the most fulfilling part of it all. There is nothing like being a part of someone regaining their confidence. Just wait to see what we will come up with next!

As a mother of three, how do you believe your children have played a role in the success of your business?

As a mother of three, I fully understand and take responsibility of being the first example my children see.  I wanted to set the standard high; so that they did not need to look to anyone else to become their role model. They inspire me and encourage me daily. My children are one of the main driving forces that push me to accomplish my goals.

What are your goals for Kaleidoscope Hair Products in the future?

In the near future, we are looking to expand our brand with new lines including a kid’s line, men’s line, and natural hair care line. We also plan to add additional products to our core line.

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