Known as the man that is addicted to helping others have better relationships in their lives, Dr. Alduan Tartt is a man that wears many different hats. He was honored with an NAACP award and is also a licensed and ordained minister who promotes mental health, healthy relationships, and healthy families. We sat with Dr. Alduan Tartt to discuss his passion for helping others and what he wants his listeners to gain each time he speaks to them.

Why are you so passionate about helping others better their relationships?

I love helping people to have better relationships because it has a tremendous impact on our community. For example, if I am able to help husband and wife mend their differences then I am able to save a family from being separated. Likewise, that family is able to build wealth together as well. I like to help singles find healthy love because that gives him/her an opportunity for life long companionship and to create a family unit. So, focusing on relationships and marriage is an opportunity to both build and support families.

When in your life did you know that this was what you were supposed to do?

I have been a helper since high school. I tutored a young man to improve his SAT score and he ended up having the highest score in the school! The only problem was that I would have won had I not tutored him. From then on, I knew I had a gift as a teacher and took great joy from that. Specifically, I became interested in helping and healing relationships from working with children as a child psychologist. All child psychologists meet with the family and it didn’t take long for me to see that part of the solution was empowering the parents to argue less, communicate better and decrease household stress. It’s amazing how many children stop acting out when their parents deal with their issues first.

You’ve spoken at many events, what is the main message you want your listeners to gain from you?

The main message I communicate to audiences is that we can have healthier relationships and marriages if we commit to learning and actually changing quickly. Too many couples wait until they have a mountain of problems to finally come into marriage counseling which complicates the work. So, my goal is to get more couples to see the necessity of pre-marital and immediate marital and relationship counseling the minute that things become stressful. So, a quick intervention beats a delayed any day. I hope couples get that message and commit to counseling a lot sooner, especially men.

You have accomplished so much already but what is next on your list of goals?

The next focus of my work is to impact 10,000 couples online with marital and relationship classes that cover mental health, communication, sexual intimacy, teamwork, parenting, money, etc. to improve marital satisfaction and increase the number of healthy relationships and marriages for our community. Additionally, I will be releasing an online class for single mothers raising boys soon to improve their grades, mental health, and behavior. Finally, my wife and I are planning a marriage renewal retreat for couples in November. They can find out more visiting my website and joining my email list to get exclusive access to these events by texting TARTT to 22828 on their smartphone.


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