Exclusively Kela is a brand that stands for all things fashion and beauty! Founder and designer of the brand, Kela Johnson is dedicated to providing others with the best of the best whether it’s fashion or cosmetics. Her brand’s mission is “Keeping Every Lady Attractive!” And that is exactly what she has done! As a true artist, she was nominated as Atlanta’s Hottest Accessories Designer and since the creation of her brand, she has been on the move to continuously make others look and feel beautiful. Tune in to our exclusive interview with Kela as she opens up about the inspiration to create her brand, why creating naturals products was a must for her, and what you can expect to see from her in the future.

Tell us about yourself. What made you want to get into the beauty world?

Well, I’m actually a fashion designer and accessories designer. I love to help women look and feel beautiful! I’m also an artist so I love to look beautiful myself. I wanted to jump into the beauty world because I’ve always had a passion for doing makeovers and just enhance the beauty of the face.

photo by Ben Stevens Photography

Why was it so important for you to create vegan, gluten-free, and paraben-free makeup products?

Well, parabens are actually the ingredient that allegedly causes cancer. That was the most important thing for me because I did not want to be selling anything that would make anyone sick. It’s natural, it has a nice natural smell to it with a hint of vanilla (laughs). The LL Lip creams (liquid lip cream) are kind of minty in a sense so it’s a fresh feel and taste!

Can you tell us about your favorite product from your brand?

My favorite product from the brand is definitely the matte lipsticks, preferably the Red Hot Lips. It is one of my favorite colors, I love how the matte lipsticks apply to the lips and they are super long-lasting!

Red Hot Lips by Exclusively Kela

What makes your brand stand out from all the beauty brands out there?

I would say the quality and the pricing for sure. It is priced at $20 however, I have 25% off for friends and family, brand ambassadors for the brand have a coupon code where their friends and family can get 25% off, and the brand ambassadors themselves get 50% off and $2 per purchase for each time the coupon code is used. You’re getting a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

What can we expect to see from Exclusively Kela in the future?

Well, within the next couple of months I will be incorporating foundations, mascaras, and products for the brows. I’m also in the process of being a nail tech so you will nail polishes and also nail services. Of course, you will see more clothing and accessories. It’s a full-fledged company, everything will be included on our website.

photo by Ben Stevens Photography

The following locations will be carrying Exclusively Kela products at their locations:

Zoe’s Vintique
1410 South Redondo Blvd 
Los Angeles , CA

Botanical Nail Studio
3116 St. Claude Ave 
New Orleans Louisiana

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