Adversity is unavoidable, something we all must face one way or another. Sometimes it’s the naysayers, the doubters we must overcome. The dreamer will be laughed at. The thinker called dull. The beauty labeled dumb. You know, sticks and stones. Sometimes the struggle derives from a personal mistake – maybe from watching too much Netflix or, on the other end of the spectrum, you don’t know how to say no and eventually overwork yourself. Yet, the worse kind of adversity is the kind you don’t expect, especially when it involves something entirely out of your control. Call it a blindside, curveball, etc. But whether a natural catastrophe, out of nowhere breakup, or head on car collision, while adversity is inevitable, the way we react is entirely our own choice. 

Take Love White for instance. After years of struggling with hair and scalp issues – constantly searching in vain for a remedy, to the point of developing an allergy to certain synthetic chemicals – she took matters in her own hands and developed a hair serum, a natural solution for her own personal use. She was already selling essential oils, putting her master’s degree – in both clinical psychology and public health – to good use (I kid, I kid). So when her friends and family began noticing the change in both her scalp and hair, they wanted in on the action. This encouragement, along with her entrepreneurial drive and natural intelligence (a double masters is no joke!), eventually compelled her to start selling her hair serum. 

Love explains, “I had the opportunity because I was in the business realm of essential oils, which allowed me to have an off shoot of my own, to do a kind of side business, if you will. But that was pre-2008.” 

As many of you are aware, the 2008 financial crisis devastated the US economy and was the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. Needless to say, the crisis put Love’s business plans on hold – a perfect example of adversity being entirely out of your control. But how did Love react? In truth, while speaking with her, I didn’t sense any regret about the timing. Her voice was calm, at ease. Without missing a beat, she mentioned how she continued to educate herself and others around, regarding holistic approaches to health, while also maintaining an active interest in formulation, perfecting her knowledge and product. 

“During that time, the passion never left in regards to supporting others in their health and wellness journeys. It’s something I’ve always been passionate about. It’s how I live my life. Neither are just buzzwords to me. But I continued to teach classes and kept up with my own education. I also started pursuing a public health career, so those two things paralleled. I always feel as if my particular angle is to bring a holistic approach into places that don’t usually include them.” 

Love’s reaction to adversity was to keep going, to keep pursuing the draw she felt towards a holistic way to living. But a few things happened, which once more opened up the possibility for Love to reenter the world of the entrepreneurial. The first, again presented itself in the form of adversity.

“I was actually in a really bad car accident that was very debilitating for about two years. But it forced me to look at what I was going to do with the rest of my life. Reentering business was always sort of on the back burner, and there were personal adjustments occurring during that time, which I didn’t even fully realize were happening, but that needed to. Then came 2016, and I knew it was time, and with everything that I had gone through post-accident, leading up to 2016…it was perfect timing, truly divine timing.”

Love’s revelation birthed Love & Snow – the latter half of the name coming from Love’s baby sister (who is twenty five years younger than her!) – a company built around the Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum Love created all the way back in 2008. She says, “The industry of hair care is usually two fold. It’s either cleansing or styling. There is certainly an area of need outside of both of these. To be able to help people, who are suffering like I used to suffer…I’ve always gone about the business thinking about how I can help others.” And it was finally the “right” time for her offer a better solution. 

The serum is truly inclusive and works with any and every kind of hair, no matter type, texture, or age and only uses 100% certified organic ingredients. Likewise, the Intensive Hair and Scalp Tonic holds to the same principles, using natural properties to promote and produce healthy hair to such an extent that Love & Snow strives to use ingredients from plants grown specifically in their places of origin, as soil and climate extensively affects quality. Love’s eco/clean approach doesn’t solely involve ingredients however. 

“All products are produced in glass bottles. For the environment, of course, but also for the safety of my customers. After three months, plastic will start leeching into the product. When shipping product, we only use post-consumer produced products. I work with a company called EcoEnclose, who provides all eco-friendly labels, so the back lining remains recyclable. I’m always trying to provide the cleanest possible experience, valuable to both the customer and environment.” 

Yes, there will be other hurdles, other struggles Love will have to face, an inevitability for any business owner. In today’s setting of perception is everything, the entrepreneur may seem as if they live a charmed life on an Instagram feed, but in reality, owning a business is full of adversity and about as challenging as a profession there is out there. Yeah, yeah, I know. A surgeon has it tough. But imagine filling the roles of creator, marketer, lawyer, shipping specialist, and accountant all at the same time. Personally speaking, I couldn’t handle it. Perhaps this is what truly makes a talented business owner something more than a mere operator, but an individual capable of intermingling their hopes, beliefs, and convictions into and with a business model – someone such as Love White – a person who reacts to adversity, using it as a means to grow and flourish. 

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