Amoila Cesar is currently coined as the hottest new fitness trainer and just recently released his training program, 6 Weeks of THE WORK as of September 30th. He has also just been announced as the new face and super trainer for BEACHBODY that is in the process of rolling out internationally in the coming months. In addition, he is an elite trainer that works with numerous NBA superstars on their strength and conditioning training. Such players as Demarcus Cousins, Julius Randle, Nick Young, Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood, Bobby Portis, Nicolas Batum, Jeff Withey, and Kevon Looney to name a few.    He also trains music artist 2Chainz and formerly trained DRAKE. During our interview he shared some information about his new training program and gave some helpful work out tips! 

Tell me about your new training program, 6 Weeks of THE WORK.

I partnered with Beachbody, which is the same company that brought the world P90x by Tony Horton and Insanity created by Shaun T. 

6 Weeks of THE WORK is an extremely intense, training program created to get you results you never seen before. This advanced-level training program is modeled after the training regimens I created for pro athletes and celebrity clients. There are over six intense weeks of 36 unforgiving workouts to help you gain muscle, torch fat, and achieve results you’ve never experienced before. The program focuses on six training elements: strength, hypertrophy, endurance, power, agility, and mobility. This is the first explicit program Beachbody has ever released.

What are some great starter fitness work-outs for those looking to get back in shape who haven’t worked out in a year or more?

If you haven’t worked out in a year or so I would recommend starting with bodyweight exercises. Push-ups, planks, squats, lunges. The great thing is you don’t need equipment to get started you can turn any body workout into a training session ramping up your metabolic rate! Once you get into a good routine and want to learn and get properly trained, I also recommend finding a good trainer in your community. Learning the foundation of strength training is important. If you can’t afford a trainer then Beachbody has so many online training programs for all levels and they are affordable!

How did you get into fitness training?

I started when I was in college. I studied Exercise Science at University of Central Florida. Once I got my degree, I moved to LA and hit the ground running.

photo by Christian Bondad

What are some foods to consider eating more of when trying to build muscle mass but burn body fat?

When gaining mass you want to make sure you’re getting the right protein source. I always recommend lean protein such as ground turkey 93%-99% fat free, organic chicken, and wild caught salmon. If you’re vegan, I also recommend eating whole natural foods that are high in protein such as edamame, legumes, or nutritional yeast. There are many more sources you can eat for protein but if you’re on the go and don’t have time supplementing is always a great option. Protein powders such as Shakeology, Vega sport, pea protein powder and more.

How can people with high metabolism gain weight when training?

If you have a high metabolism food will be your best friend. If you’re looking to gain mass you’ll have to eat in caloric Surplus. There are so many free apps such as MyFitnessPal that can calculate how many calories you should be eating based off your daily activity. Once you figure that out then you have to train for the size you have to hit your power lifts such as split squats, deadlifts, and bench press those are a few stables that should also be in mass building program.

What are some upcoming events or projects you will be part of?

I will be flying across the country the next few months promoting my program, 6 Weeks of the Work. October 16th- 20th at a leadership retreat for Beachbody in Arizona, November Super Weekend in NY, Boston, Quebec, and then from Los Angeles to Punta Cana all in the next 3 months.

How do you avoid procrastination and learn how to commit daily to exercise with the typical 9-5?

What I recommend is preparing for each day. Doing something as simple as packing your car with your gym bag, prepping meals out for the next 3 days. Wake up 90 minutes earlier to workout. You don’t have to be great starting out but just small things every day to be great is the Goal. Challenge yourself with accountability, I write my goals on a chalk board and have it right next to my garage door so every day I leave I’m reminded of what I need to do that day.

Does your training program include 10-30 minute work-outs for busy moms or dads?

My program is 5 days a week with 45 minutes of intense training, and on the 6th day you have a Range and Repair day that focuses on mobility and flexibility that’s 15-20 minutes. I recommend anyone who has 30-45 minutes and is looking for a killer functional training program to give 6 Weeks of the Work a shot!

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Featured Image by Tom Ivicevic