Badgal, Rihanna rocked the beauty world on September 8th, 2017 when she released her collection, Fenty Beauty: A Beauty for All. We are raving over the quality of each product and the 40 foundation shades Rihanna has catered to us and so is the rest of the world.

SHEEN is here to dish on five products we’re loving by Fenty Beauty that we know you NEED in your life.

1.Pro Filt’r – Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

(CREDIT: Fenty Beauty)

We’re loving this build-able coverage foundation. It leaves your skin looking matte without giving it that dry effect we hate from mattifying products. It’s hard not to find your match when Rihanna has given us 40 shades! That’s right, 40! That’s not all, we’re loving this product for it’s longevity and appearance on all skin colors and types.

(This product can be found at Sephora or online at Fenty Beauty)  $34

2. Gloss Bomb

(CREDIT: Fenty Beauty)

This universal lip shade is a gloss you can pair with any outfit. This product is a rose nude shade and not only gives the lips that shiny effect, but it conditions the skin with Shea butter being one of the main ingredients. The perfect gloss is the one to make our lips look more full and smooth without that sticky effect. We can’t get enough of the Gloss Bomb and you won’t either!

(This product can be found at Sephora or online at Fenty Beauty)  $18

3. Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter – Trophy Wife

The infamous highlighter that everyone is living for! Fenty Beauty offers six different options when it comes to highlighters but we can’t take our eyes off the color choice, Trophy Wife. Rihanna has listed it as one of her favorite on Fenty Beauty and we can surely see why. It’s perfect for that gold sheen look on ALL skin colors and we’re also loving it as an eyeshadow.

(This product can be found at Sephora or online at Fenty Beauty)  $34

4. Match Stix- Shimmer Skinstick

(CREDIT: Fenty Beauty)

For an extra pop to your everyday make-up, we’re recommending the Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick. The iridescent look to the skin makes us want more as if we weren’t glowing enough. It is versatile in it’s purpose and for that reason we love it’s effect on the skin. Whether you chose to use it to highlight your cheekbones, your brow bone, or a base for your eyeshadow, anyone can find their perfect color shade through the Match Stix, as Fenty offers us 10 shades!

(This product can be found at Sephora or online at Fenty Beauty)  $25

5. Pro Filt’r – Instant Retouch Primer

(CREDIT: Fenty Beauty)

5. Pro Filt’r – Instant Retouch Primer

Many of us struggle with our make-up lasting all day. Are we not using primer or are we not using the right one? Many people don’t believe in primers because it is indeed an extra layer we’re applying to our face. This lightweight primer is going to change your make-up game forever.It’s given us the full Rihanna effect paired perfectly with the Pro Filt’r foundation. It works wonders, leaving our skin feeling flawless and hydrated without weighing down our make-up.

(This product can be found at Sephora or online at Fenty Beauty)  $32


Rihanna stated on her website, “I wanted everyone to feel included.” We can’t thank you enough Rihanna because we ALL feel included and you’ve changed the game completely.