In order to have consistent income in your business, you must consider buyer psychology. There is an art and science behind selling your programs/services. Try to include three or more concepts in all of your offerings, and I guarantee you will close more sales.

Here Are the Five Reasons Why People Buy:

1) Saving Time/Money: This is the biggest reason why people buy.

We are in a busy society, and if you can put time and money back into someone’s pocket then shout this from the rooftops! There are clever ways to integrate this message into every offer, regardless if it’s a product or service. Let them know that your knowledge will save years of heartache and pain. Let them know that you found an easier and faster way of achieving a specific goal. If you haven’t, then now is the time to create a path for them. Let them know about discounts and savings on your products or services. People love to save time and money!

2) Earn Money: Be creative!

People think Business Coaches are the only online service providers who are financially benefitting from their success, but spiritual motivators, health coaches, and even graphic designers, just to name a few, promote their services in a position which communicates that their audience/clients will earn through their investment into a product/service.

Make sure you obtain testimonials on how your clients have increased their bank account with your services. If you haven’t had clients yet, broadcast the potentiality of additional abundance with case studies or your own personal story. For instance, a health coach can come up with a strategy to help their clients lose weight and then get paid for it, once it is proven successful! There are always ways to make money, regardless of your niche.

3) Fear: (Failure/Regrets/Guilt)

Know your client and their specific fears, so you can hit their pain points. My client’s biggest fear is rejection or not closing the sale. I have to ensure I help them gain the confidence they need so that with my principles and encouragement, they will not only exceed their goals but feel so much better about finishing the sale.

4) Pleasure: Will your product/service increase pleasure in their life or body?

Sometimes solving your clients’ problem will be a quick fix, and other times it may take quite a while. My clients are seeking time and money freedom. In my marketing, I have to focus on building their legacy, the wonderful activities they will get to enjoy, and the peace they will have, after achieving their goals. My clients find pleasure in having an impact within their tribe, money in their bank account, and the freedom of not being tied down by a 9-5 job, to live life on their own terms, being able to spend time with kids, travel, and to wake up on their own circadian rhythm.

5) Avoid Pain: Ask yourself, “How can my product/service provide, prevent, or relieve pain?”

Determine how fast pain removal or relief can be accomplished. Make sure you give them an estimated time frame to provide peace of mind.

This feature was submitted by Erica Stepteau.

Erica Stepteau is more than a sales coach; she’s a catalyst, pushing her tribe into purpose, ushering in divine destiny. She is a speaker, best-selling author, and affectionately known as the “Queen of Sales Coaching” by her clients. She is the founder of the Tenacious Queens Academy, an online community committed to helping one million heart-centered female entrepreneurs master the art of selling with ease, so they can increase their impact and multiply their money – without sacrificing their freedom.

Her signature Positioned2Influence Sales System combines actionable business strategies with a dose of energetic and inspirational messaging, helping women business leaders to radically shift their money mindset by confidently communicating their self-worth while optimizing their sales offers and therefore increasing profit potential.

She has been featured on HER Magazine, Speakers, Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, FOX News and CBS, and her dynamic approach to sales coaching has taken hundreds of overworked and underpaid women entrepreneurs and helped them to become well-compensated and highly-respected experts in their industries.

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