Jeremy Meeks took the world by storm with his sexy mugshot deeming him, “Prision Bae”. Since being released from prison he has dated the heiress of TopShop fortune, signed a model contract, rubbed elbows with celebs such as sweet Uncle Jesse, John Stamos and spent quality time with his kiddos. Although Meeks is still a major heartthrob, there’s another contender for the title of “Prison Bae”, Mekhi Alante Lucky. Mr. Lucky has one ice blue eye and a brown eye which is very complimentary to his chocolate skin tone. His unique genetic trait is caused by heterochromia, which is a condition that results in two different iris colors.

First Prison Bae, Jeremy Meeks
Courtesy of Instagram

Mekhi quickly became a trending topic when he was arrested in Wake County, NC for speeding and driving a stolen vehicle in 2016. He has not been to prison but he has two misdemeanors including an interruption of a 911 and fleeing arrest. St. Claire Modeling Agency’s Damiani O’Bryant sought out Lucky after seeing his mugshot circulate throughout Instagram and he “instantly knew that he was perfect for St. Claire Modeling”.

Mr. Lucky’s luck continues as O’Bryant is now preparing him for New York Fashion Week. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this “Prison Bae” and his modelesque moves!

IMAGES by Christian Cody