Shattering ceilings in the online retail space,  Jas CEO of Shift StyleHouse has made it her duty to not only dress the modern #BossBabe but be the modern #BossBabe! We had a moment to sit down with the retail strategist dominating both online and now Macy’s bags to get an insight on the ever so noticeable GLOW  UP!

What shifted in you to launch a boutique with such bold empowering pieces?

In 2015 I had been working in corporate retail buying for nearly 10 years. I was moving up the corporate ladder ( because that’s what I grew up believing. You had to go to school, get a degree, good job and retire) but with an increasing bank account and lifestyle, I still wasn’t fulfilled. It really just came to a point where I was like how can I merge these passions of mine? I love fashion, I love business. How can I really merge all of that together and do something that really fulfills me? So from there, I began to research how to start an online clothing boutique. I used my paychecks from my 9-5 to fund everything ( legal, inventory, branding, etc) and in April 2016, I launched. 

Tips for future business owner looking to dive into the fashion industry?

Tips I would provide for the future business owner are 1) Know that everyone won’t clap for you in the beginning. So you have to be okay with clapping for yourself. Self-motivation is KEY as an entrepreneur. If you’re the type that needs a cheer squad, this life might not be for you. 2) Identify your audience BEFORE you decide to launch a fashion business. Most think about the pretty colors for a logo or picking pieces for their collection, but I suggest getting to know every aspect of your target customers life( what they like to do, where they live, how much income they have) first. This makes the process so much easier because it allows you to niche down first and build everything around your brand based on your ideal customer.  3) You have to be willing to sacrifice. If you want your business to be a success, know that it comes with a sacrifice. Whether that be time or money.  You may not get to hang out as much with your friends, travel, or shop as much as you’d like. 

Favorite piece?

My current favorite is the Layla Fringe Blazer. It’s a twist from your traditional black blazer. It has chain fringe detail on the wrist with an open back that also has the chain detail. I love it! I can pair it with boyfriend jeans or make it corporate chic by pairing with my favorite tee and printed ankle pants. 

Tell us more about Macy’s.

Macy’s is collaborating with small businesses to allow them to get their brand in front of a larger audience and increase exposure through their new pop-up style format, The Market @Macy’s.  The Market @ Macy’s is a full-service marketplace that offers shoppers the chance to discover new products, services, and activations each month in an authentic, boutique setting within a department store. Beginning July 7th,  my brand SHIFT StyleHouse will be in The Market @ Macy’s in Lenox Square. I am so thrilled about this collaboration because thousands of businesses apply for this opportunity and we were selected. Also being in such a highly visible location, Lenox Square Mall will certainly increase our brand awareness, as well as expand the reach of a minority, female-owned business. In this exclusive collection that will only be available inside The Market, you’ll find fashions with gorgeous, vibrant hues and unique looks to make any woman feel beautiful.

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All images by Tailiah Breon | Fashion Prodigy Instagram