From Poverty to Prosperity, Dr. Joseph Reid has overcome hardships of all facets and is now empowering others to do the same. He’s spoken at numerous industry conferences to encourage personal development, financial literacy and economic empowerment. 

Please introduce yourself and tell readers a bit about yourself:

For as long as I can remember, it was clear to me that money was a clear barrier to success and that if I wanted to become successful, I’d have to do it myself.  Poverty is an easy word to say, but a hard way to live.  When some of my friends were headed off to college and others were starting families or entering the workforce, I started my own business at 19. I went from extreme poverty to being a property owner, pushing the boundaries of entrepreneurship to create a better life for me and my family. I bought several rental properties in North Carolina and had great success at finding and keeping tenants. Then, disaster struck. In 2007, the Global Financial Crisis hit and property values plummeted.  After looking at my success and failure in real estate, I went back to school.

Since financial security was my goal, a degree in Accounting seemed like a solid choice. With this goal in mind, I enrolled at Winston Salem State University. I continued my studies and earned my Certified Public Accounting (CPA) designation in 2012 and PhD in Accounting in 2013. For me, that was a major turning point. Here I was with top academic credentials, several successful business enterprises and the financial security that had always seemed just out of reach, so what next? I knew that I could help people like me. People looking to satisfy an insatiable appetite to be better every day but just needed guidance from someone who was once in their shoes. 

Financial literacy, economic empowerment and the creation of legacies can change the future, and I’m determined to educate all who desire on the value of these concepts. It was the joy at spreading this knowledge that led me to the teacher’s podium.  I remember hardship and poverty, and I’ve earned every bit of success that came my way. I know how quickly a thriving business can evaporate. I know how a person can be discarded by society and deemed unusable. But I am also a living witness that success is still possible despite life’s many challenges and it is my purpose to provide value to the world through education and enlightenment, expansion of perspective and understanding of personal capacity through self-discovery and leadership development. 

Tell us about your latest book “How To Win!” 

“How To Win!” is an empowerment and motivational self-improvement guide for readers interested in personal development. In my book, I outline simple, yet highly effective concepts and tools that will arm my readers with the knowledge and skills necessary to define a clear and open pathway to achieving success. Throughout the text, readers are introduced to Dr. Reid’s “Three Phases To Sustainable Success,” Prospect, Plan and Execute and the ten components that help to make up each of the three phases. Understanding and mastering these components will provide readers with effective knowledge of the self and can serve as an excellent template to reach sustainable success in all areas of life. 

How would you suggest someone begin to circumvent the obstacle of fear?

In order to begin to circumvent the obstacle of fear, you must first make a commitment to yourself and your goals. By rooting yourself in your commitment to accomplishing your goals by any means necessary, you remove the option to abandon or quit on your path to success. I speak more about the importance of commitment in “How To Win!” as it is one of the ten essential components to sustainable success.

What is next for you in 2019 and how can readers pre-order your E-book?

Currently, I am in the process of finalizing a self-development online 12-week course which focuses on delving deeper into the concepts outlined in “How To Win!” and assisting the participants in the practical applicability of the concepts. “How To Win!” can be pre-ordered from my website



All photos by Jodie Brim Photography