Find Out Now Why Everyone Is Flocking To This Self-Taught Credit Expert For Financial Literacy

Atlanta’s own Sypreme Essence is a self-taught 6-figure credit expert, financial guru, and Entrepreneur who has not only transformed her life but is working every day to help transform the lives of others. From waitressing to being incarcerated; to becoming one of the best credit advisors in the industry, this self-made mogul has made it her duty to educate the masses on financial literacy and spill the secrets behind building your credit to anyone willing to learn. With Headquarters in Connecticut and an office in Buckhead, Sypreme offers her services nationwide, through her credit repair company, Credit Warriors. Essence continues to educate her clients and speak at various seminars about budgeting and credit repair. Check out our interview with this financial visionary to find out about credit restoration tips to gaining financial freedom, and what we can expect from her in the future.

What inspired you to want to share the credit knowledge that you have uncovered?

I had no one to teach me about credit restoration, and I vowed to myself that if I uncovered the secrets, I would help others. I used to work as a waitress and began helping customers, my family, and Facebook friends. I just wanted to help others and teach everyone about credit restoration. Once I became empowered, I felt compelled to empower others.

What would you say are the top myths most of your customers have credit?

  • There’s no hope and the government runs the agencies, that’s a big myth.
  • It’s impossible to challenge the agencies, another incorrect misconception.
  • You can use as much as you want on your credit line, just as long as you pay the minimum. Not true–never use more than 30% of your credit line on the card, and pay attention to the statement date. 

Do you feel as though there is a knowledge credit inequality against minorities? If so, how can we close the gap in racial wealth and financial freedom? What steps can we make?

It’s unbiased– we all have equal opportunities when it comes to credit. We all start with a 300 credit score and the highest is an 850 credit score. Open up a book and seek knowledge. People have no hope by lack of knowledge, respect the credit. You can teach people how to fish but it’s up to them to be self-sufficient and be creditworthy.  

How young do you recommend parents should begin helping or teaching their children build or establish credit?

Age 17, as soon as the parent feels that their child can be responsible and know the science behind credit. I recommend that parents add their child as an authorized user on your credit card, this could make a low score rise high from 300 to 700.

What is the ideal number of credit cards an individual should have?

Never have too much too fast. I would say no more than three credit cards a year. Focus on your credit limit, if you want a credit maximum of $55,000 or more, only use 2% of your utilization. Also, you want your card accounts to age because that counts as 15% of your credit score.

For those who have been incarcerated and struggling to find their purpose, what’s some advice you would share with them?

Have a clear and precise vision of what you want your life to be. Feel your vision and live in your vision. Stop blaming society, parents, circumstances, and most importantly forgive yourself. Knock the wall down, someone doesn’t want to give you an opportunity, create your own path and opportunities.

What can our readers expect from Sypreme Essence in the future?

I have a book coming out, it’s called Divine Warriors, and it will release in the next few months. Expect a docuseries, filming on TV about incarceration, changing lives, and I’ll be doing more seminars.

“Each One Teach One” ~ Sypreme Essence

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