Kimberly Smedley is one of five cast members of the Centric TV hit From the Bottom Up. Known on the streets as ‘Madame Kimberly,’  Kim spent 18 months in a federal prison for administrating illegal silicon butt injections to some of Hollywood and Hip-Hop’s most elite women.  While away in prison she used that time to reflect, rest and write her first tell all book entitled The Backside of the Story.

“When I was in prison, that was the best rest I had. I went to the same [prison] camp that Martha Stewart was in. I was able to rest because I couldn’t control anything. You have to be careful for what you ask GOD for. I used to say, ‘Lord, I’m so tired I need rest.’ I didn’t think he was going to give me rest in prison,” Kim jokingly states.


EIC Sammi Haynes, Jae Bryse and Kim Smeadley

A self-proclaimed natural born hustler, Smedley always found alternative routes of income since her early 20s however the business of illegal silicon injections sort of fell on her. After losing a dear friend, who introduced her to silicon injections by administrating the enhancer to her own derriere, she was approached by her friend’s business partner regarding picking up where her friend left off.

Calculating the elaborate lifestyle that he was able to afford himself through the dangerous procedure, Kim willingly agreed to continue on with what her dear friend started. After being found guilty on the charges presented to her, one of the biggest things she learned out of the whole ordeal was humility. By opening up on Centric TV’s reality show, produced by Queen Latifah, Kimberly is making an attempt to become a true inspiration to others by showing viewers you too can rebuild your life after a harsh fall. Along with snagging a copy of  her book The Backside of the Story, be sure to catch Kimberly Smedley and the rest of the cast of From the Bottom Up on Saturdays at 10pm on Centric TV.