It’s Saturday evening at COCO Studios in Atlanta and the anticipation is high for BET Centric’s new reality show From The Bottom Up. The show is a story about women who started at the top, and went spiraling down to the bottom. In Sara’s case, her top was being a part of Diddy’s Making The Band project/reality show, showcasing her vocal talent in front of millions and millions of viewers each week on MTV. Da Band went on to sell over 500,000 copies of their debut album Too Hot For TV and debuted at #1 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. It wouldn’t last long though as Sara found herself embroiled in controversy after a domestic violence dispute with her husband, Tony, landed the beauty behind bars.

As she embraced me with open arms in a white mini dress by Jay Hunt Designs, we sat and had an intimate conversation amongst the ruckus and high energy of the crowd in attendance. “The show is just coming to a solution to problems, hashing out everything that’s been going on and just trying to find where you’re going in life and rebuilding. Your gonna see me in the studio recording “Sneak Peak” with James Worthy, see me with my children, and see me even with Tony, talking and just getting things together and getting things in order,” she said.

Sara doesn’t take this journey for granted, as it seemed she really embraced her second chance and finding what exactly is her top after truly hitting the bottom.

“It was a wonderful experience to film this show. I felt the love from everybody [and] I needed this in my life. I really appreciate all of my cast mates for showing me love and I felt like they were my big sisters and really wanted to see me win. So that’s the type of people I feel that everyone needs to have around them. I just thank God for this show and I thank God for Nicci Gilbert who I’ve known for some years and we’ve worked together before for calling me. It was time for me to go back up because I was at the bottom,” she said.

Sara’s also still in touch with her Da Band-mates, lovingly referring to them as “family” and even hinting that a reunion could one day be in the works. For now, a reunion between the ladies of the group can be heard on Sara’s new single “Sneak Peek” featuring Babs. Sara has tons of projects going on, showing that she’s ready to capitalize on the momentum of the show.

“Expect to see greatness, the single is out, the video is coming soon. I even have a lipstick line coming out of the makeup line Pin-Up Cosmetics called “Sneak Peek.” [I have] movies too and my biography, so there’s a lot of great things coming up for Sara Stokes!”

Catch Sara Stokes on From The Bottom Up Saturdays at 10PM on BET Centric and listen to her new single “Sneak Peek” featuring Babs on iTunes.

Photos Courtesy: SoGoodPhotography/HeirPR