The digital space is more than just a career for digital influencers, Gabrielle and Chad Rader, have created a community of their own, and have been doing so for over eight years. The couple has an ever-evolving vlog channel and individual channels that cover fitness, beauty, parenthood and so much more!

In this colorful interview with Sheen Magazine, the duo sits down to share their journey thus far along with special responses from their newest addition, baby Reagan!

After becoming influencers for some time now, how have you evolved in your craft? 

Babe: I would say what started as a hobby turned into a business, with practice came a better ability to tell a story and showing that story through filming and editing…  *Sweetly interrupted by baby girl’s cooing*

We’ve been able to capture more moments so that when we do edit, we can make sure we’re not missing anything. Nothing we do is scripted, it’s very organic what we’re doing but before I think we would forget to bring out the camera. Now we’re intent on making sure we’re capturing our day if we’re vlogging.

Gabe: I think we’ve evolved in terms of when started for us, it was a hobby and now it’s more so of a business. I think we’ve evolved in knowing it’s a business and doing things the right way, what to include, what not to include, being mindful of the brand we have created.

Have you maintained some of those key relationships as a couple, with your friends, family through it all?

Gabe: I think we like to prioritize still spending time with our family and friends while still making time for ourselves. When we first got married, we lived in Tennessee and most of our family was in Indianapolis or Alabama. Once we got to a city that was closer to family, we made it a priority to make sure we were spending time with them and getting to see them and kind of making up for lost time. 

Babe: They’ve all become apart of GabeBabeTV as well. Family’s important as well so they’re definitely a very key piece of what you do. People are always asking about my family in Alabama when they were going to see them again and same with Gabe’s family when we lived in Tennessee. So it’s just like Gabe said, prioritizing and they’re apart of our life, we get to show them and what we’re doing which is pretty exciting for a career. You get to involve your extended family. 

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Gabe, can you explain the process of growing out that tapered cut?

(Laughs) That was definitely a process; I did a lot of protective styling. I wore the Gabrielle wig most of the time while it was growing out. I still made sure I was taking care of it; deep conditioning and moisturizing it while it was protected. I went through a phase where I really really enjoyed my cut and then I kind of felt like, “Oh my goodness, I miss my hair. What am I going to do?” So, that’s when I started to play around with the protective styles but it was definitely a process. I had days where I was not so happy I cut my hair then I had days where I loved the haircut and the color, so it was a kind of a weird thing. I do say now, I would never cut my hair again though because going through that was kind of frustrating. 

What is your go-to beauty product on a daily basis?

My go-to beauty product, I was trying to figure that out…

Babe interjects: I can tell you what it is, lip gloss!

Gabe: It really is! I am a lip gloss junkie. My favorite lip gloss is the Victoria Secret Minty Shine, it’s their lip gloss, it’s my absolute favorite.

I have lip gloss stashed EVERYWHERE. In the office, in the bathroom, in the dining roomBabe: in my car

Gabe: Literally everywhere. I don’t know if it’s becoming a habit to feel like I have to touch up my lip gloss because it’s just clear lip gloss, it’s nothing fancy. But my day is not right without lip gloss (laughs).

Babe: If she could she could, she would tape the lip gloss to the camera. 

Gabe: Oh whatever (laughs).

Babe: That way when she is vlogging she could say, “Oh, here’s my lip gloss!” (laughs)

Chad, how strenuous was it training for the triathlon? 

Babe: After I get off the phone with you, I’m going to ride for three hours and then try to run for thirty minutes after. It’s very strenuous, it’s really tough on the body and nutrition is very key in that because you’re burning so many calories. I enjoy it; it’s like my therapy. Honestly, when I can’t do it if I’m hurt or sick then I feel like that’s when my Gemini is trying to come out. It’s what I do to kind of disconnect and it’s fun and really rewarding when you cross the finish line each triathlon that you do. 

What is a favorite product you use on a daily basis whether it be in your hair or on your face on a daily basis?

Wow, that’s interesting an interesting question. 

Gabe: Probably your hairspray.

Babe: Yeah, I would probably say hairspray because Gabrielle is very big of me growing my hair out. Up until about like five years ago, I had a fade my entire life, from being a child to being in the army. It was weird growing my hair but now that I have there are all of these things to do to keep it styled and the key has been hairspray. TRESemmé is my favorite hairspray that I use or whatever is available in the house. (Laughs)

Lastly, what do you all envision or hope for your future?

Babe: I would say that continued growth, not only our business but also growth in happiness in that. Our growth as our family, not more kids, but our growth in as just being a family. You know, we got a five-year-old and a five-month-old so just watching that growth. 

Gabe: Traveling, continuing to be happy and doing what it is that we love, whether it be YouTube or whatever allowing us to do spend time together as a family and also have our careers tied into that. So, we always love what we do.

Babe: I think when it comes to business, God willing it continues to grow and prosper and we’ll continue to share a positive message. 

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