Women are taking the plunge and diving head first into new haircuts for the fall. They are transforming their long luxurious manes into “big chops” because it represents change and growth within their personal life and lifestyle. When a woman takes a moment to reflect back on the story of her life, each chapter will be defined by the diverse myriad of hairstyles she rocked within each specific decade. Short pixie styles, razor chic bobs and undercuts are all hot trends that are making statement in this era. Short hair exposes and highlights the physique of a woman in a way long hair simply cannot. With short hair, you’re stepping out of the barbed-wire cage of familiarity and stepping into the broad spectrum of adventure.

The Versatility

A great haircut can provide limitless styling possibilities to transition a trim into different looks. There are many methods to rock a hot cut without the use of your own hair known as a protective style method. This protective style includes bonding hair extensions to a protective cap, to act as a barrier between the hair glue and the hair.

The major perk of an asymmetrical pixie cut is that the shape is insanely versatile. Because of the long-on-one-side silhouette, there are actually options when it comes to the styling transition of this disconnected hue that can be style in 3 different ways.

Get the Look: Play up this chic short cut with the twists and turns of a pixie’d spiky style using a mini travel size titanium flatiron.

Products: Finish setting this style with the Nairobi ShapenHold Flat Ironing Hair Spray and finish with Nairobi Sheer Shine to add incredible shine.

Funk up your cut to the maximum edge with a finger teased approach and Paul Mitchell’s Spray Wax for a soft flexible styling option.

The Short Classy Curly Faux Hawk

Achieve this modern blend of vintage meets classy hairstyle that is sure enough to turn heads. A clean yet sophisticated flair, this style is remarkable from every angle with stunning wave texture along the sides and curly, spiral hues guaranteed to catch your eye.

Get The Look: Transition your mane to this sophisticated hairstyle by adding a few clip-ins to get that needed extra volume with your choice of color to enhance and pop your skin tone.

Products: Create the perfect hold using Nairobi’s Wrapp-It Shine Foaming Lotion with a wave set to each side under a heated dryer. Style out using ½ inch flatiron along with Moroccan Oil’s Medium Holding Spray to create this soft texture look.

The Perfect Pixie 

If you want to truly own a short hairstyle, the pixie cut is ideal. This haircut trend still lives on since the mother of all pixie cuts, Halle Berry, came along and mastered this style unlike anyone else before her. Not all pixies are created equal. When choosing the right cut, length and texture play an important role when deciding to customize a pixie hairstyle that is unique to you.

Get the Look: Incorporate Nairobi’s Foam to set this style, use a mini flatiron by taking face-framing sections misting throughout with a sheer spritz. Tousle and separate the hair with your fingers using a wax stick.

Tool: To leave pixie cuts with lighter tapered ends, hairstylist use razors to create this style. Razors can also be used to remove weigh from hair, increase movement and volume, and add choppiness to a style.

The Trendy Bowl Undercut

The bowl cut for women is far from the cut we remember in the 80s and 90s. An edgier hair style with a new millennium vengeance, it has most recently been worn by some of the fashion’s biggest risk-takers like Mary J. Bilge, Fantasia and Rihanna. Pull off this look with statement makeup, vibrant hair colors and a low undercut.

Get The Look: Spice up your summer bowl cut by implementing vibrant hair colors to make your blunt hue stand out.

Styling Options: Use a 1 ½ inch flat iron to smooth out your tresses by applying Paul Mitchell’s Hot Off The Press Thermal Protection Hairspray which creates a barrier against humidity and protects fragile strands from damage caused by heat styling. The spray boosts hair’s strength, fights frizz while providing flexible hold for effortless smoothing with a hot iron.

Finish this style off with ABLiSS Shine Spray to give the hair weightless shine.