Are you in a style rut and need to change your overall look? Style expert, consultant, and digital influencer Kimberly West has some easy fashion tips!

Her favorite quote from Coco Chanel states, “Fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever.”

According to Kimberly, there are several, subtle changes anyone can make to elevate their look. The first step is to upgrade with a signature lipstick. Wearing a seasonal shade lipstick is an inexpensive way to alter your everyday style. Remember, purchase brighter shades in the warmer months and darker tones in the cooler season.

When shopping, purchase clothing in complementary colors and tones. To find the right color, experiment with various shades in the natural daylight. Wearing the right color can be an instant face-lift or camouflage figure problems.

Although age plays a part in everyday dressing, there are a few timeless pieces that will help any woman dress smart. Clothing items – such as shift dresses, ballet flats, pencil skirts, and leather jackets – are winning pieces that will always enhance your style.

Also, don’t forget the importance of wearing shape-wear undergarments! Every woman wants to feel amazing in their clothing. However, there are some who would like a smaller abdomen, while others prefer a smoother backside, and for those who crave additional comfort, buy shape-wear one size larger than your normal measurements! Just keep in mind that the hidden secret is flexible undergarments.

Lastly, seek classic accessories that can be worn with several items in your closet. Trends are fun, but they are constantly changing. Classic accessories – such as diamond studs, leather belts, or silk scarves – are interchangeable. Those items can be paired with several clothing pieces to create instant outfits.

Ultimately, the goal is to look your best and feel radiant!


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Kimberly West is an on-air television personality, consultant, and digital influencer. She has represented several lifestyle-related brands on news stations such as ABC 2 WMAR, Fox 45 Baltimore, ABC 33/40 – Talk of Alabama, WBAL – TV 11, and much more. In addition, she has a retail background and has been featured on numerous sites, such as, while also receiving awards/nominations for her fashion expertise.


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