A lot of singles, as I’ve said many, many times in the past, are dating by default. But to take it a step further, they are dating with outdated and ineffective methods, and expecting next level results! They’re looking for validation and completion when they haven’t been brave enough to fulfill their own needs and love themselves first.

Every next level of your life will demand a different version, and better yet, a better version of you! So you have to ask yourself, “Am I presenting my best self?” “Am I expecting a healthy relationship, but still practicing unhealthy dating habits?” “Have I dealt with the emotional baggage that’s been holding me back in the past?”

How did you respond to these questions?

Sometimes you have to stop acting like you’re qualified for the relationship of your dreams when you’re only bringing half of you to the table. You’ve got to be whole before expecting a “next level” relationship. What and who you bring to the table not only shows how you can grow and cultivate the relationship, but how you can push and better the person you’re in a relationship with. Are you currently “qualified” or prepared to do that?

Here’s how can you hit the refresh button this spring:

  1. Awareness: Are you stuck in the same old patterns? Do all your relationships look the same? Be mindful of the type of partners you attract, whether it’s unavailable men or men who only make withdraws and never deposit into your life. Write out a timeline of your past relationships and take note of any repetitiveness.


  1. Acknowledgment: Acknowledge your life as it is right now! Be ok with where you are and accept if you have a little work to do before inviting someone into your life. The worst thing you can do is be the “mess” in a messy relationship when you are capable of so much more!


  1. Adjustments: This spring, change things up a bit by taking a break! Give yourself some space and time to take a breather, reflect and adjust any poor dating habits or perspectives of yourself. We could all use a good dating detox every now and then to eliminate any hovering pressure, negativity, emotional damage and ineffective methods of mate selection.

Be a better you and GET QUALIFIED!!!