There’s a myth making the rounds amongst many circles of would be fit chicks that keeps them uninspired and unmotivated to get in the gym and create the body they want. The myth I’m referring to is that cellulite is genetic and therefore something that you’re stuck with. Great news! This is simply not true! While it’s still unclear as to why cellulite appears out of nowhere to wreak havoc on our bikini clad, short shorts wearing, naked legs in the summertime life, it is perfectly clear that it can be remedied. Here are four key exercises to smooth out those stubborn little pockets that have ruffled so many feathers.

Required equipment: Ankle weight and closed circuit resistance bands. 4 sets of 25-3­4 times per week.

Donkey Kicks

Using ankle weights, get down on all fours coming down to your forearms if you’re flexible enough. Keeping a bent knee and flat foot, raise the leg as high as you can as though you were trying to stomp the ceiling and lower it back.

Squat Side Kick

Again, using ankle weights, take a wider than hip width distance stance, toes slightly angled out. Squat, keeping the knees behind the toes and squeezing the thighs and glutes. When you come up, put all your weight on one leg, lifting the opposite leg out to the side as high as you can. Repeat on the other side. This is one repetition.

V­ Leg Pull

Using your closed circuit resistance band place around your ankles, lie on your back with your legs straight up in the air. Start with them just far apart enough to hold the band in place, then open your legs vertically and return to start.

Side Leg Raise

Again, using your resistance band, lie on your side supporting your head with your forearm, your opposite arm on the floor in front of your chest to stabilize you. Lift your leg vertically as high as you can and return to start.

Don’t forget to smile! You’re on your way to a healthier, smoother body! For more fitness inspiration, motivation, and training visit or IG @tracebykris.


Featured Image: Shutterstock