Just like every year, fashion victims and beauty queens can’t wait for summer to wear the hottest outfits and makeup trends. Reviewing the fashion weeks, we have collected the most beautiful looks for the upcoming season.

Back to the 90s

If it was up to Kenzo, summer 2017 will be nothing but a party – a party that will be celebrated in a 90s style. The ladies go for dresses and tops with spaghetti straps, slip into metallic or leather miniskirts and lace their platforms. In proper style, the eye makeup is predominantly blue or green. Besides Niagara, a classic denim blue that stands for lightness and relaxation, the energetic Lapis Blue and the aquatic Island Paradise are also well-suited to create a stunning 90s look. Greenery, too, sets some fresh accents and highlights the sparkle of brown eyes.

The colorful life


Maison Margiela’s new spring/summer collection will be anything but dull; this not only applies to the flamboyant and colorful couture that ensures cheerfulness. While the collection stands out thanks to the vibrant colors, the makeup, too, is characterized by vividness: makeup artist Pat McGrath used candy-colored shades for dramatic cat eyes, whereas lips and complexion stayed natural.

Natural Beauty


The French lingerie label etam proved that nude is still en vogue this summer. Make sure to have an even and flawless complexion as a base when copying the look. To begin with, the eyebrows are brought into shape, the eyes are slightly accentuated, here and there some metallic reflections shimmer. Last but not least, add subtle sparkle to the lids and apply a transparent gloss to make the lips shine.

Less is more


The collection of Rick Owens is limited to the essentials and hence fulfills the demand for a clean look that is of timeless elegance. Behind the scenes, the makeup artists, too, have followed the same principles: The models’ makeup is puristic and natural. They walk along the runway just like school girls, wearing neatly parted hair, having a flawless complexion, with a “touch of nothing” on the eyes and lips.

Glow, glow, glow!


Colorful, versatile and electric: This is the perfect description for summer when taking a look at Alexis Mabille’s collection. The French designer’s fashion is taylored to the romantic and sensual and, likewise, casual type of woman. Presenting outfits in yellow, red and white, the designer harmoniously rings in the summer season. The vibrant colors are combined with a healthy glow and a makeup that can be worn throughout the day. Matching the look, the hair is worn loose, the nails get a French manicure.