Sophia Alston is a celebrity hairstylist you’ll want to make sure you know now. She is loved for her magic hands and ability to make dreams come true when it comes to all things hair. Alston’s long list of impressive clients proves that is adored by many, one including the Publisher of Sheen Magazine, Kimberly Chapman. SHEEN Magazine sat down with the beloved hairstylist to discuss who she is beyond the stylist chair and where she sees herself in the future.

Tell us about yourself. How and when did you get into the world of hair?
My name is Sophia Alston, I’m from Durham, North Carolina and I moved to New York 15 years ago but I’m still a true country girl at heart. I fell in love with hair when I was about eight years old. I cut my older sister’s hair off (laughs). When she was sleeping and when we went to the breakfast table the next morning, my grandmother asked, “Lisa, what happen to your hair?” My sister had no idea until my grandmother told her all her hair was gone. She looked at me and I ran! I got the whopping of my life. After that, I’d always been in love with hair. I used to always have scissors in my hair, I was the neighborhood hairstylist growing up. After I got married, at that time, I had it set it up as a salon.

When I went to hair school, I had a teacher that truly saw the passion I had. She helped me learn everything I could about hair. I perfected it and fell in love with it even more.

Who is Sophia Alston beyond the stylist chair?
Beyond the stylist chair, I am a mother, a loyal friend, a sister, and the best auntie in the world. I’m a woman who loves adventure; I love traveling and exploring new ideas. I’m a risk taker who is always challenging herself.

Do you think being in the hair industry has taught you anything about yourself?
It has taught me whether you’re young or old, there is room for improvement. Hair is a true art to our service. This business is not just about being a great stylist, its about how to provide amazing service. That is a craft in itself. You have to learn and take great pride in providing great service. I love creating and seeing the transformation. Hairstyling is an art and it allows me to use and show my skills every day.

You have a long list of impressive clients; is there anyone that has left a special mark on you?
Yes, there is one in particular however, every client I’ve worked with has left an impact on my life one way or another.

What can we expect to see from Sophia Alston in the future?

Well, I never stop. I love challenging myself and I work hard. I think I hustle better than most. I want to continue mentoring and share my wealth of knowledge. My plan in the near future is to open up an Advanced Academy for students. I want to share my knowledge, the business, and why this is the happiest job in the world.


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