International photographer, Naja Lerus is most known for her amazing eye for beautiful portraits. Her intriguing photos bring out the very best version of women in every possible way. Lerus decided to take a chance and chase her dream of becoming a photographer after the birth of her third daughter and since then, she’s left the world in awe with every shot she takes. In this exclusive interview with Sheen, Naja Lerus opens up about life as a photographer and lets us know exactly why she is everyone’s go-to maternity photographer.

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself? When did you get into the world of photography?
My name is Naja Lerus and I am the mom of three beautiful children. I actually got started in 2010 after the birth of my third baby girl. I always knew that I loved doing photography and after having her along with my supportive husband, he pushed me to follow my dream in order to try my chance at taking pictures.

What made you specifically want to be a maternity photographer? What was it that intrigued you about capturing this moment for women?
So, I actually started kind of doing all of photography. It wasn’t until later on when I narrowed it down to newborn and maternity. Maternity photography I was really attracted to because when I was pregnant, the style of photography that I do now, that is the style of photography that I was wanting to find for myself. I wanted something edgy, high-fashion, a little editorial even, partial nudity which is actually what I do and I just couldn’t find it. When I became a photographer, I just knew that I couldn’t possibly be the only mother that would be interested in this type of art. That’s actually what pushed me to do maternity photography.

You have amazing skill and an eye for capturing the best moments, what would you say are some of the most important factors in capturing these moments?
Well, for sure number one, you absolutely have to have a good report with your client and putting them at ease. This is important because when you’re pregnant, you’re vulnerable anyways, trusting someone with your self-image. You just want to make sure that they’re nice and comfortable. After that, the technical aspect would be to make sure you know how to pose them in a flattering way based on their body type. If you keep those two in mind, it’s a beautiful session.

Could you offer your best advice for up and coming maternity photographers?
Yes! Absolutely. My number one advice would be to be yourself. For maternity photography, it’s what speaks to me but it doesn’t necessarily speak to everyone. The style that you’re interested in, if I’m speaking to an up and coming maternity photographer, stay true to yourself and true to what speaks to you and you will actually track that type of clientele that loves the same things you do. You can’t go wrong if you follow your passion.

What can we expect to see from Naja Lerus in the future?

Well actually, I have a whole lot of things. I will be doing a newborn and maternity masterclass, teaching my art in Picardie, France this fall! I also just revamped my website. There is new pricing, a new look. Actually, if you follow me on social media, I think you can see a growth in the type of photography that I do. I’m going more for the luxury aspect. That’s the goal, I just have more planned and ideas in the works. I’m just always trying to evolve!


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All Images: Courtesy of Naja Lerus