R&B/soul/pop singer and songwriter Kelzhaunne, originally from Mobile, AL, discovered at a young age her love and passion for music. Her ambitions, high energy, and big personality have allowed her the ability to work with several people within the industry. 

Determined to develop her passion and remaining focused on her musical talent she began singing in her church choir, musical theatre, and gospel choir while in college. Kelzhaunne continued her education by attending UAB (University of Alabama in Birmingham), and proudly became a member of Alpha Kapa Alpha, Inc. Sorority and graduated with her Bachelor’s in Public Health in 2019. 

In 2018, Kelzhaunne took her passion for her musical career to a professional level. A mixture of Rap, Pop, R&B, and a little Soul has provided a heavy influence on her musical direction and her musical sound and genre of Pop/R&B/Soul. Successfully releasing 12 singles, completing 50+ showcases, and opening for artists such as Jacquees, Mia X and Lil Baby to name a few of her accomplishments.

 Kelzhaunne has been described as one of the most creative & diverse musicians in the music industry. She gives you that ’90s R&B vibe with her soulful vocals and her single “Right One” makes you want to hop out the bed and go have a night of fun with your girls! During our recent discussion, she shared with me what new music she had in store for fans and gave some insight as to what got her started in the music industry. 

What new music are you working on?

I’m currently developing my sound and becoming more vulnerable within my music so that I can relate to millions and touch people on a different level. I will be releasing new music at the beginning of 2020.

Why is music so important to you? What inspired you to pursue this career path?

I grew up singing in church and I found a passion for singing and performing. I was gifted with this, so it was nothing I had to be taught. I knew that God had chosen me to be the special one because no one in my family sings, or does anything of this sort. I’ve broken so many barriers within my family and friends and they are all depending on me to make it.

You’re from Mobile, Alabama…is there a lot of support for local artists there or do you feel artists there need to leave to be successful?

I don’t really pay attention to who doesn’t support me. However, I do believe that you have to leave in order to grow and be presented with more opportunities. Unfortunately, it’s common for hometowns to not support their own until they have made it. My family supports me more than anyone so that’s all I really need.

What lessons have you learned whether good or bad about the music industry?

So far I’ve learned to move with a plan and not just cause I want to. I had to start learning the ins and outs on my own and paying attention to who I allow in my circle. I still don’t know everything, but I pray that as things develop, that I am protected and guided towards the things that are meant for me.

What sets you apart in the industry from other artists?

I would say that my overall performance and personality sets me apart from majority of the upcoming artist. I really take the time to plan out my set and make sure that I am giving people an experience that they will never forget. My music is also different, it’s like a new R&b mixed with old R&b and soul.

What message do you want listeners to gain from your lyrics?

To always stay true to themselves, never change who you are for anyone, allow yourself to fail and learn from it. But most importantly “Everything is going to be just fine, our pain is only temporary, have a little fun and share love”!

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Check out her music video for her single, “Right One” below!


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