She’s known for turning her visions into reality, Celebrity Event Planner, Courtney Ajinca is someone you want to be sure you remember. Her artistic and creative talents sure has created a path of success for Ajinca and we can guarantee you, she’s just getting started. Not only has Ajinca created memorable events and visual adventures for her clients but the mother of two has made it her personal mission to showcase the importance of a successful career AND family. We got to know Courtney Ajinca and we’re certain you will want to get to know her too!

Can you describe your journey to becoming a celebrity event planner?

My journey to becoming a celebrity event planner has had its share of ups,  downs, and “failures,” although, I prefer to call them learning experiences. I’ve changed careers a few times and I feel that I’ve finally discovered my calling. I’ve always loved to create events. I started off doing events for friends and relatives and I began to notice that it’s something that I’m really good at! I’ve always had a very creative mind and a visionary eye. Now, I’m able to do something that I love while giving my clients an experience that they’ve never had before.

What inspires you to create such spectacular events?

I walk into a room and I’m able to visualize it completely transformed. When my creative brain is ignited, I view things in 3D. I’m able to see how colors work together, how draping and floral will appear, and how the entire space will look once every creative element has been added. I draw inspiration from fashion, nature and other cultures. I try to include elements that have yet to be experienced by my clients and their guests. My designs ignite all five senses and guests leave the event craving more.

Do you believe becoming a mother has played a role in the way you run your business?

Becoming a mother has absolutely played a role in the way that I run my businesses. I do everything with Carter and  Caysen in mind. I’m so driven because I want them to see that it’s possible to have both a family and a successful career. It is my desire to create a success that they are both proud of. My husband, Alexis has also been incredibly supportive throughout my journey. Those three  are my absolute heart.

Do you have a favorite event you’ve planned thus far? Could you describe the event and how you created the visual adventure for your client?

My favorite event so far was a “What Happens In Vegas” themed adult prom. From the moment the guests arrived at the venue, they were taken on a journey of the senses. There were Vegas showgirls, lad in their all white attire with white feather headdresses at the door to greet them. They entered the space and it was completely lit red. A cirque du soleil trained aerialist hung from red ribbon from the ceiling and performed sultry acts the entire evening. I had an entire casino placed in the space where the guests played black jack and Russian Roulette all night. The DJ curated a playlist that had the crowd dancing nonstop. Halfway through the evening, I had all of the guests transition outside where the fire performers began their act. The amber flames further ignited their senses and imprinted a memory that will not be easily forgotten.

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