Johanna Sparrow is a jack of all trades. Sparrow, a New Orleans native has made it her personal mission to help others no matter what title she holds. She’s a life coach, writer, radio host, and blogger who has committed herself to bring knowledge to the topics of discussion most often veer away from. We caught up with Johanna to get to know the woman whose list of achievements just keeps adding up. 

Do you mind sharing with our readers a little bit about yourself?

So, I’ve been writing for over 20 years, I’ve published over 30 books. From short stories to novellas, and mainly self-help books. I write a variety of topics: relationships, personal growth, a lot of my short stories or novels have that kind of feel to it. I also have a radio show called, Common Sense Talk with Johanna Sparrow. The show airs every Thursday at 12PM EST. Within the hour, I talk about love, relationships, conflict issues, and much more.

How and when did you know that this career was meant for you?

I knew at a very young age, I was in third grade. There was something at my school where teachers offered a time where students would leave class to go to the auditorium and write to submit yourself in a contest to win a prize. I honestly just participated to get out of class but I I just fell in love with writing that way and got more into it from that moment on.

Do you mind sharing a little bit about your new released book, A Life of Turmoil?

A Life of Turmoil is about a mother and daughter and the conflicts they go through. Unfortunately, the main character, Ana Franken who has three brothers. Ana loves her brothers and mother but her mother does not love her… She’s treated more as a servant than a daughter. It kind of has that Cinderella feel but not necessarily because she is mentally and physically abused. This goes as far back as to when Ana was a young child and progresses all the way into her 40s. Not only are the brothers abusing Ana but as time passes, their wives begin to as well. It’s as if the mother has more people joining her team against Ana.

What do you hope others gain from your life coaching and blog posts?

I want others to gain knowledge and understanding of their situations because there is so much going on in our world today. We should be able to tap in and talk about those issues no matter the topic and give insight on it. I hope they are able to gain from the situation or able to walk away because it’s okay.

Who is Johanna Sparrow at her core?

I am a passionate person and at my core, I just want to help people be the best they can be in terms of their existence.

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