I scream…you scream, we all scream for…Cake! Okay, so we revamped the classic kid’s song. 

Who doesn’t love cake? Of course, cake is one of the most loved treats to have at any event and if the cake is missing then the event seems kind of bland. Well, we had a chance to sit down and talk with the owner of Cakes by Cynthia and her cakes are definitely the types you take selfies with to brag on because of the beauty and creativity that goes into each cake. Her cakes have been seen on Food Network Bake You Rich, The Cooking Channel ‘s Cake Hunters, Netflix Sugar Rush, WeTV’s Wedding Cake Wars, and more! 

Cynthia shared with us what gave her the passion for baking and just how long she had been in the business of creating these sweet masterpieces. 

“My passion came from seeing how good I was at it when I first touched a pastry bag and the spatula 25 years ago.”

Cynthia went on to say that her favorite part about what she does happens to be the creativity that goes into designing the cakes, and that the most difficult part about the food industry is having to keep up with trends and constantly meeting expectations.

Having been seen all over television, we asked what her experience was like the first time she was on television having to prepare a cake.

“I felt overwhelmed the first time on TV and I was so nervous I had to have a drink to calm my nerves lol. Time has always been on my side I believe that’s another one of my talents. I work very fast each TV show that I did, I always finished first and then had to figure out what to do next…(laughs).” 

If you ever have a sweet tooth and you happen to be in Maryland, you can stop by and visit Cakes By Cynthia at 3531 Washington Blvd, Halethorpe, MD 21227.

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All images by Crystal Spearman