She’s young, ambitious, and on her way to the top. With over 700,000 followers on YouTube, Kennedy Cymone has completely left us in awe. Within the first few moments of speaking to Kennedy, we were truly graced with her confident personality and southern charm. Take a moment to get to know the beautiful influencer who has taken the world of YouTube for a whirlwind.

Do you mind telling us a little about yourself and what the main goal of your YouTube page is?

Well, I’m a southern girl born in North Carolina. I’m 19 years-old. Just recently, I moved to Los Angeles to take my career to the next level. I love creating content whether it’s to entertain, to teach people, or to inspire my viewers.

How do you find the confidence to showcase your life on YouTube?

I try to put aside how I feel people may view me online. I think people appreciate my realness in my videos. I feel as if my confidence just shows through from showcasing who I really am.

Obviously with being an influencer online, you’re bound to receive criticism, how do you push through the hate you receive?

I try to ignore the negative comments that I get online because I know there are plenty of people that support me regardless. I always keep in mind that there is at least one person that is watching my video that I am helping get through something in life.

Sheen Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide. Do you mind sharing what your beauty must-have is?

I think lip gloss is my go-to beauty product. No matter if I’m wearing a beat face look or a natural makeup look, I just feel like lip gloss completes my look, all the time.

Is there anything you could share with us that you believe your subscribers don’t know about you?

I’m actually a really shy in person. Filming YouTube videos and being in the camera is a lot more comfortable for me. (laughs) When I first meet someone, I’m really reserved and it takes a while for me to open up.


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